30 messages for 21 years of marriage as beautiful as a zirconia wedding

Celebrating a milestone in marriage is wonderful, because the arrival of a new cycle in the relationship means that many others have been overcome and proof that love only increases! In this sense, if your marriage celebrates the older age, check out quotes of 21 years of marriage and share to extol the company of partner or partner!

Quotes of 21 years of marriage that exalt the maturity of this love

The memories of our 21 years of marriage keep in the warmer corner of my heart. How I love you!

21 years of the toast that changed my life and gave you as my husband. I love you, Happy Zircon Wedding!

May our ways to mix more and more to the point that it is impossible to know where they begin and end. Thank you for being the best mate. Happy Zircão wedding!

In these 21 years together I could get to know who you are and slowly fall in love more and more. I’m grateful for our wedding!

21 years beside you and I was never as happy as I am today. May more pages and chapters come to write our love story and eternalize our moments. Happy Bodes of Zircon, my love!

We already gave us I don’t know how many congratulations in real life, but it costs nothing to make this love all recorded in the virtual world too. Happy 21 years of marriage, love!

What a joy to be able to celebrate more 1 year of marriage by your side, you are truly the love of my life. Happy Zircão wedding!

Being with you today and seeing that our love remains firm as it was 21 years ago makes me very grateful for our marriage! Congratulations to us!

Happy Zircon Wedding! Congratulations to us, my love. Our union is a beautiful thing, it is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. We still have a lot to live. We are just starting.

1 new cycle approaches in our relationship and we have won 20 so far. Happy 21 years of marriage.

How lucky our terms found to us. That this meeting is renewed day after day, year after year, always strengthening. Happy 21 years of marriage, life!

In these zircon weddings, you are for me precious jewel. I love you!

In 21 years of marriage, I realized that I made the right choice when I said “yes” on the altar. I love you!

My little one, with you I grew up and became a better woman each day of these 21 years of marriage. Thank you for being my life partner!

Today is a very important day for us, that, by the grace of God, we have the privilege of celebrating another year of a marriage full of complicity, respect and love. Happy Zircão wedding!

21 years of marriage. How we grow and matured together! I am very proud of us, my love.

From the first moment we saw each other, I knew we were destined to be together. You bring me confidence, you are my protector and my angel. I love you today and always. Happy Zircão wedding!

I thanked every day of these 21 years of marriage to God for you, for us and for the fruits of our love.

I really changed named when I got married, I included the last name “Happiness” thanks to you. Happy 21 years of marriage!

May our relationship always be quiet and warm as the first ray of the sun in the morning, beautiful and inspiring as the first gloss of the moon’s brightness at night. Happy 21 years of marriage!

Every 21st of these days, I looked to the side and knew the luck I had to have the most beautiful man in the world as my husband. I love you!

Our love is magnificent and deserves every possible congratulations. Happy birthday for us! Happy 21 years of marriage!

a big marriage is not when the “perfect couple” meets, but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Happy Zircão wedding, love!

In 21 years of marriage, you have taught me about love, about life, and, above all, about unity. Thanks!

21 years of marriage and, every 1 of these 7670 days, I became more and more in love with you. Thanks for everything!

You have entered my life and now it looks like paradise. What would you do without you? Happy 21st anniversary of marriage!

Happy Bodes of Zircon, my love. With you, I get a better person every day. Without you, I feel incomplete. Thank you for choosing me as your half.

For you, I even stop to find out what zirconite is, so much that I love you! Happy Zircão wedding!

In 21 years of marriage, we have learned a lot from each other and nothing is more important than that. Happy Zircão wedding!

How beautiful it is to see our love reaching the older age, I am immensely in love with you. Happy 21 years of marriage!

How good it is to live with the person we choose! To prepare for a dreamed moment since “yes” day, check out silver wedding quotes and select your favorites for the approaching occasion.

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