30 messages about sustainability to think green

Preserving natural resources is an urgent theme, after all, the planet can no longer wait. Therefore, we need to think about reducing consumption, recycling and fostering a new production ethics. In this process, some words can be inspiring and also serve as an impulse. Check out sustainability quotes and spread this idea around.

Sustainability quotes to leave a green brand where to pass

Nature preservation is everyone’s responsibility!

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

There is no throw away. All the garbage you produce continues somewhere on the planet.

Ecology without class struggle is gardening.

Gone are the time when lamp lit was a sign of a good idea. Save energy to invest in the future of the planet.

ethical and conscious fashion is the true basic black.

Less, Peel More.

I am against fashion that does not last. I can’t imagine throwing out clothes just because it’s spring.

Sustainability is not about buying from ecological brands. It’s about buying the least you can and make it last as long as possible.

A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.

There is a connection in everything. What happens with the earth will fall upon the children of the earth.

Refuse plastic packaging whenever you can. Because they take minutes to be made and use, but hundreds of years to decompose.

Earth asks for help, do its part.

Indians are being killed for trying to protect the forest from illegal deforestation. Again and again. It is a shame that the world remains silent about it.

Sustainability is the maintenance of the environment of planet Earth, maintaining the quality of life and ecosystems in harmony with people.

All plastic already produced is still somewhere in the world.

The trash you throw it on the floor doesn’t talk, but it says a lot about you.

Taking water gives us life, becoming awareness will give us water.

Everyone likes shadow, but few take care of the trees.

Individual choices do not change everything, but make a difference. Say no to plastic.

Think green, reduce consumption, be conscious.

Save while there is time. You can no longer waste a drop of water.

The 7 r’s of sustainability: rethink, refuse, reduce, repair, reuse, recycle and reintegrate.

The destruction of nature results from ignorance, greed and absence of respect for the living beings of the planet.

If I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today.

I can’t do all the good that the planet needs. But the planet needs all the good I can do.

Has sustainable attitudes now. The planet can no longer wait.

May our actions always leave a green footprint on the way.

In the beginning, I thought I was struggling to save the rubber tappers. Now, I realize that I am fighting for humanity.

The first law of ecology is that everything is linked to everything else.

Sustainability quotes are great for reflecting, but remember that ecology must go far beyond words. Therefore, keep thinking about the subject with quotes on the environment.

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