30 engagement invitation messages that will mark your love story

A relationship goes through several significant moments and engagement is one of them. With the gold rings symbolizing love and marking the couple’s story, the request deserves to be celebrated with joy. To make this occasion even more special, use these quotes for engagement invitation to summon the most important people for future spouses. Check it out!

Quotations for engagement invitation that manifest the importance of each guest

Let’s get engaged and we want to celebrate this moment with those we love the most. Come celebrate with us!

Life has shaped us to each other and we want to be together forever, so let’s get engaged and you are our guest!

The news that everyone was waiting came out! Now the marriage proposal comes! Come celebrate with us our exchange of alliances!

Love has won and we will take the first step towards building our family. Come celebrate our engagement!

Our love is about to achieve another dream and we would like to have its presence in our engagement!

engagement is our dream and we want to share it with you. We will exchange the alliances soon. We count on your presence!

An engagement is an important step in a couple’s life and we want to share it with you. Come celebrate with us!

God has united us and proof of this is the realization of our engagement. We will change the wedding rings and want you with us!

We have been committed for a while and saw our love grow. It’s time to make our story a “happy forever” and you are our guest!

Silver wedding rings will give you room for gold and we invite you to be part of this milestone in our history!

We want to celebrate the most important day of our lives with whom we care. Your presence will be essential for our engagement!

We decided to spend our lives together and we want your presence to bless our engagement. Come be part of our history!

Our engagement is another striking step of our love. Come celebrate this moment with us!

I found my metada face and I will propose to it in marriage. I invite you to be part of this special moment!

If today we are where we were for your dedication and friendship. So you are the guest of honor of our engagement!

So far the Lord has sustained us. Our engagement is the symbol of God’s love for us. Come celebrate with us!

The future awaits us with a beautiful family. Let’s get engaged and we want you by our side at this great moment!

Let’s get engaged and you are our guest of honor for this celebration!

Love must be celebrated and we will do it with our engagement. You are invited to share this joy with us!

It is with a proud heart that we invite you to our engagement. We count on your presence at this special moment!

An engagement marks the consolidation of a relationship and soon we will live this moment. We count on your presence!

The walk so far was arduous, but it was worth it. Finally, let’s get engaged and count on your presence!

A great promise of God is fulfilling our lives: let’s get engaged and we want to share this joy with you!

Our love story will win another beautiful chapter and you are invited to be part of it!

Due to the grace of God and your prayers, let’s get engaged and we want to share the joy of this moment with those we love!

It is no longer a cup of the World Cup for Brazil, but after waiting, let’s celebrate as if it were. Celebrate our engagement with us!

For some time we have found true love and we will praise you engaging. You, who were part of this story, are invited!

We decided to gather the toothbrushes and would like to have you as a witness to our engagement!

You are very important to us and we count on your presence for the celebration of our engagement. Share this joy with us!

You always accompanied our relationship, so we make a point of your illustrious presence in our engagement!

Celebrating love is one of the best things in life, don’t you think? If you want to prepare for the marriage celebration, also check out these wedding invitation quotes that will leave a special message as your guests deserve!

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