30 curly hair messages for those with a natural crown

Curly hair is perfect and deserves to be valued with the same intensity as any other type of hair. Loving, taking care and being proud of your curls is much more than a vanity, it is empowerment and acceptance. Therefore, we have listed beautiful citations of curly hair that will help you praise your curls. Check it out!

Curly hair quotes to learn to value them

free, light, loose and curly!

wanted to curl me. Logo I, the Curly.

In the midst of so many standards, I decided to follow mine.

curls: It is when the root of your hair blooms culture.

your curly hair always draw attention, but that’s not what made her turn the owner of my heart, a malicious look and an innocent smile, to turn a bomb that was the reagent.

Curly hair is equal to the work of art, you look, appreciate, but do not touch.

Having curls is another level.

Your curls are like poetry, they deserve to be loose so that everyone can admire.

Being curly is being the protagonist of your own history.

A fact about me: I love to have curly hair.

May the power of the curls be with you.

Being curly is not being afraid of rain.

Under the snails of your hair, a hiccup and the desire to stay another moment.

release your curls and appeal prejudice.

My curly hair is my poem.

That bouquet of curly on your head.

Curly hair is a beautiful face frame.

and if it wasn’t for my hair, my curls and my waves, it wouldn’t be me.

Not every princess has a crown, some have curly hair!

Who said your hair is bad, lied.

curls: It’s a tangle of beauty, it’s when your hair turns sea. It is an invitation for affection. They are your hair making the curves of a smile.

and in these curls it fits more love than in my heart.

Learn to value, take care and love your curls!

Curly Hair Woman is not even people, it’s angel.

more beautiful than your smile, just the curls of your hair.

It’s a lot of people giving an opinion about my hair and few people paying my creams.

Your curly hair is your identity. Be proud of him!

curls: It is a bulky hair of love. It is self -affirmation. It is the rings that intertwine my fingers and ask for my pimp in marriage.

Being curly is feeling that nothing can shake you when your hair wakes up wonderful.

Your curls make you even more beautiful, because they match your free soul, your wide smile and your giant heart!

Now that you have understood how wonderful your curls are, keep raising your self -esteem see also this selection of female beauty quotes and learn to be your own beauty standard!

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