25 messages from Florence Nightingale that praise the important nurse

Florence Nightingale is known to be the founder of modern nursing! In addition, his way is marked by fighting in English society and service as a boss and nurses coach. By its striking trajectory, its thinking deserves to be spread in order to reflect on humanity and health, more specifically nursing. In this sense, check out and share quotes from Florence Nightingale!

Florence Nightingale Quotes who carry the thinking of the founder of modern nursing

I think feelings are lost in the words. All should be transformed into actions, actions that bring results.

Nursing is an art; And to accomplish it as an art, it requires such exclusive devotion, as strict preparation, as the work of any painter or sculptor; For what is it about the dead screen or the cold marble compared to dealing with the living body, the temple of the Spirit of God?

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or accepted excuses.

Live your life when you have it. Life is a wonderful gift – there is nothing small in this.

I am convinced that the greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily routine of household affairs, while the world rotates in a maddening way.

I use the word nursing in the absence of a better one. It has been limited to mean a little more than drug administration and implementation. It should mean the proper use of fresh air, light, heat, cleaning, tranquility, proper selection and the administration of a diet – all to the smallest vital energy expense for the patient.

The first requirement of a hospital is that he should never hurt the patient.

If I could give you information of my life would be to show how a woman of very common capacity has been led by God on strange and not used to doing what he has done on her.

Law is the continuous manifestation of God’s presence – not a reason to believe in his absence.

Nursing is a progressive art, such that being stopped is going backwards.

I chose the shifts, because I know the dark of the night frightens the sick. I chose to be present in the pain because I was very close to suffering. I chose to serve others because I know that all of us, one day, will need help. I chose white because I want to convey peace. I chose to study working methods because books are a source of knowledge. I chose to be a nurse because I love and respect life!

No man, not even a doctor, never gives any other definition of what a nurse must be of what “dedicated and obedient”. This definition would do so well for a doorman. It can even serve for a horse. But not for a police.

There is care without cure, but there is no cure without care.

That each founder enables as many as he can. Then the students will become new founders one day.

Women never have a half hour in all their lives that they can call yours, without fear of offending or hurting someone.

What matters is not what fate does to us, but what we do with it.

The most important lesson that can be given to a nurse is to teach it what to observe, how to observe, which symptoms indicate improvements and which not, which are important and which one.

It is common for the idea that you need a loving disappointment, an antipathy or not power in other areas a good nurse.

If a nurse refuses to help a patient because “it is not your business,” I must say that nursing is not his vocation.

I saw sisters by profession, women who earned two or three Guinea a week, cleaning the floor on their knees because they considered the rooms were not suitable for their patients.

To educate is not to teach a man to know, but to do.

Women aim for an education that teach them to teach, to teach them the rules of the human mind and how to apply them.

You have to do rehearsals, you have to undertake efforts; Some bodies have to fall into the gap so that others can pass on them.

I have a moral and active nature, which requires satisfaction and this would not find if I spent life in social commitments and organizing domestic things.

Observation indicates how the patient is; The reflection indicates what it has to do; The practical dexterity indicates how it has to do it.

Strong women like Florence Nightingale inspire us! To meet and exalt others like her, also check out quotes from Hannah Arendt!

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