20 messages in Italian perfect to praise the country of the masses

Italy is a country particularly known for its mass cuisine, its romanticism and historical influence! With the classic capital Rome, it wins fans around the world and in the most diverse nationalities. Given this, check out this amazing selection of citations in Italian and immerse yourself in culture!

Quotes in Italian that squander the charm of the language

l’Isalia è Il Paese Più Bello del Mondo, su questo non ci worse! (Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, it doesn’t rain on it!)

è UN SECRET, ACQUA IN BOCCA! (It’s a secret, water inside the mouth!)

che c’ho una phrase scritta in testa, ma non l’h mai deta perché la vita senza te non può this perfection. (I have a phrase formulated in my head, but it has never been said, because life without you cannot be perfect.)

Finché C’è Vita C’è Speranza. (As long as there is life, there is hope.)

Il Falsetto è Il Suo Cavallo di Battaglia! (The falsete is your battle horse!)

tutto è Bene quel che finisce bene. (Everything is good that it ends well.)

chi aspectar Poote, come to Cio Che Vuole. (Who can wait, will eventually arrive.)

chi sta benefit, sta benefit. (Who’s fine with you, it’s fine with everyone.)

The Buon Intenditor Poche Parole. (The good half -word understander is enough.)

l’ace queta breaks I Ponti. (Quiet waters, deep waters.)

al Confessore, al Medico Ed All’Avocato, non Puoi Tenere Il See ‘Cellato. (To the doctor, the lawyer and the abbot tell the truth.)

Altri Tempi, Altri custom. (Other times, other customs.)

cuente sa, dubita. (Which knows nothing, nothing doubts.)

Chi La Dura La Vince. (Who perseveres, wins.)

Speranza Mi da Vita. (Hope gives me life.)

è Meglio Star Solo Che Mal Accompanish. (Better be alone than badly accompanied.)

il cuore è Stato Fatto per this rotto. (The heart was made to be broken.)

You know thei Ragione, thei Speranza, and thei Sopno Che Abbia Mai Avuto. (You are every reason, every dream and every hope you have ever had.)

La Paura di InnaMorarsi Non è Force Già Un Po ‘D’Amore? (Isn’t the fear of falling in love a little love?)

non with us Altra Ragione di amarti che amarti. (I know no other reason to love you, to love you.)

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