100 tattoo messages that inspire you to immortalize something special

Tattooing is a very important decision, because it will be forever marked on your skin. When it is a writing, it is valid to think of a message that represents you or makes sense to you. So check out the best quotes for tattoo and find the one that translates exactly what you have to say to the world!

Quotes for tattoo with beautiful messages

Be strong and brave.

Living according to my own rules.

have faith and see courage in love.

Live to be happy and not live in vain.

You have to be aware and strong.

Life smiled me and I hugged the opportunity to be happy.

It’s never too late to be happy.

steps driven by the hope of being happier.

Only the purpose is to bear the process.

will pass and happiness will reign.

For every purpose, a fresh start.

I will wake up for time and time to stop.

When the right time, I will make it happen.

You become strong when you learn to love yourself.

What I sought and did not find, I became.

May freedom be our own substance.

We are just moments.

Not being strong all the time is not a sign of weakness.

Time is now.

Be light, because life goes by fast.

everything will not have.

To enjoy life is not to let time pass in vain.

makes yourself feel, it makes sense.

Everything I have, I won because God loves me.

you have no power over me. (You have no power over me.)

Reborn to each dawn.

Life is from those who dare to live.

With God guiding my steps, I find happiness.

Fuck. I did my best.

The essential is invisible to the eyes.

A sea of ​​me.

That I do not lack the courage to live.

It’s a lot of love in this life, I promise to find you next.

I venture because I want to live in full.

Keep swimming … Continue to swim …

Fear will never be able to master my life.

good things happen. Everything passes.

I keep walking to when the sun stops shining.

Admire the beauty of others without doubting yours.

enjoying life in my own company.

From my scars were born wings.

Wherever I go, I want to be your pair.

reborn and flourish where I need it.

No fear of living we enjoy more.

Life is today.

I am an adventurer who has broken his own life.

Until the inside out of my soul is strength.

Dreaming awake and being happy.

Half of me is love and the other half too.

My God is the God of the impossible.

Live without fear.

It is the dreams that make life happy.

Energy does not lie.

Each day is a chance to be better than yesterday.

on the skin the tone of courage.

My greatest achievement was to conquer me.

Love yourself, accept, release yourself.

proving your presence is what comforts my soul.

That poetry remains.

that I always shine more than the sun.

that there is always love.

For those who have faith life never has an end.

But now my eyes see you.

God’s love made everything new to me.

I’m a long story.

My heart is only happy alone.

I’m one, but I’m not alone!

I’m not alone, I’m a partner of myself.

Don’t judge me for the courage you lack.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Loving Who You Are. (There is nothing wrong with loving who you are.)

Love itself loved me on the cross.

Love life because it brings peace.

courage to feel.

Nihilo Nihil’s. (Nothing comes out of nowhere.)

You only see well with the heart.

Don’t brake wars with myself.

I prefer to be drafts than being a clean sheet.

Being free is being light to live my dreams.

lava. Then dust. Then nothing.

Nothing is as ours as our dreams.

breathe love aspiring freedom.

Pain is passing and victory is eternal.

Always governs me, keep me, rule me, illuminate me, amen.

Today I love myself more than yesterday.

Your happiest day will be the same as mine.

nobody explains God.

no rain, in the flowers. (No rain, no flowers.)

I don’t want control, I want life’s surprises.

Life is more than that.

mine now just depends on me.

Eternal Living Drawing.

owner of me!

delicately strong.

she is precious and knows how much it is worth.

The process hurts, the purpose heals.

May the opportunity to live is not for tomorrow.

do not open doors, they can mean ways that are not yours.

It is a pleasure to share life with those who are passionate about living.

Trust your journey.

The more pain I get, the more I realize that I am indestructible.

That the result makes you very happy and represents who you really are. And to better understand this art that will be eternalized on the skin and value the professionals who do it, check out quotes on tattoo!

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