100 messages from famous films for those who are passionate about the seventh art

Who is a movie fan will love this super complete list with the best quotes of famous movies that we have separated! Next, you will find celebrated moments that marked generations and were eternalized by dear and unforgettable characters. Read and share with all your movie friends – believe me, they will love it!

Famous movie quotes that will make you dive headfirst into other worlds and stories

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will find.

My mother has always said that you have to put the past back before you can move on.

A man only needs a little money, the rest is for snob.

No matter the color of the hair, the style of clothes, much less the color of the skin. None of this defines character.

Carpe Diem. Enjoy the day. Make your lives extraordinary.

You saved me in every way someone can be saved.

a woman’s heart is like an ocean, full of secrets.

If you jump, I jump, remember?

No one will hit stronger than life. No matter how you hit it, but how much can take it and keep fighting; how much you can support and move on. So is life.

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

The only person on your way is yourself.

Knowing how to wait is a virtue! Accept, without question, that every thing has a right time to happen… is having faith!

That games start.

There is no place like our home.

elementary, my dear Watson.

I know what I have to do now. I have to keep breathing, because who knows what the tide will bring me tomorrow?

defeat is always momentary.

Life can bring down, but we choose if we want to get up again.

is part of life the fact that not all things we are working on.

I hate not being able to hate you as much as I try or less than you do.

May the force be with you.

Many of the truths we have depend on our point of view.

Do or not. The attempt does not exist.

You need to get lost to find places you don’t think, if not everyone would know where it is.

Death is a day worth living.

Our destinations crossed, but never joined.

Nothing happens twice the same way.

crying helps for a while, but then you need to stop crying and make a decision.

For a well -prepared mind, death is just the next great adventure.

Do not pity the dead, but of the living, especially those who live without love.

Of course this happens in your head, Harry, but why does it mean not real?

No amount of money has ever bought a second time.

Part of the journey is the end.

Moreover, it is not my nature to fall without fighting, even when things seem unsurpassed.

These are the things we love most that destroy us.

Why are you so serious?

We may not win all battles, but we should always give our most.

Sometimes you need to learn to run before you start walking.

Either you die like a hero, or live enough to become a villain.

We lost friends. We lost family. We lost a part of us. Today we have a chance to go back.

The dream is a desire that your heart expresses when you are sleeping.

We change for those we love.

Sometimes you need to forget the past to have a future.

I won’t regret what’s left behind.

‘Ohana’ means family. Family means never abandoning or forgetting.

To get what you want, you should look beyond what you see.

Your problems you must forget. This is living, it is learning.

to infinity and beyond!

Not every superhero has superpowers.

How can someone be happy without being free?

You don’t know what love is, because you don’t understand what commitment is.

People always talk about how love is totally altruistic, but if you think about it, there is nothing more selfish.

I’m not afraid of height, I’m afraid is the impact of the fall.

What people call impossible are the things they haven’t seen yet.

Are you talking to me?

You can’t lose someone you have never had.

The most important thing you can learn is just love and be loved in return.

It is dangerous to be an honest man.

Perhaps people have not been made for a deep relationship. Perhaps we should have a number of relationships of different durations.

I see dead people.

I can even help you, by the way, I will help you! I want to help you! But now you have to help me help you.

Who wants to laugh has to make it laugh.

Mission given is mission accomplished.

Jesus sometimes disguises it as a beggar to test the goodness of men.

I don’t know, I just know it was like that!

in the city of God, if you get the animal gets, if you run the bug bite!

Trickster doesn’t love, trickster just feels the desire.

The day you want to remember me, take a look at the portrayal we took. I say this because I’m also afraid you forget me.

Love is a cliff, we throw ourselves and twist to the floor never arrive.

I’m afraid too, but I’m not afraid of being afraid.

I didn’t even know that ‘impossible’ was in your vocabulary.

Winning or losing, we are a team.

On Wednesdays, we use pink.

That’s why her hair is so big. He is full of secrets.

because spoiling one’s life is an inalienable right.

These are difficult times for dreamers.

Then the lion fell in love with the lamb.

When I was with him, time and space were so slippery that I ended up losing their notion.

I would easily forgive your pride if he had not mortified mine.

Today give one of your smiles to a stranger. This can be the only ray of sunshine he will see throughout the day.

The future has not yet been written, it does not exist, your future is what you want to do. So do it well.

Once, a census tried to test me. I ate his liver with fava and a good wine.

TOTO, I have the feeling that we are no longer at Kansas.

Dave, my consciousness fades. I’m feeling.

old age… is the only disease, Mr. Thompson, from which it is not expected to be healed.

I’m big. The movies were small.

A brilliant man would find the way he does not go to war.

You are liquidating me!

In the clock of time, there is only one written word: now.

Some of us are pale, some bright and others are colorful. But every once in a while we find someone who is radiant, and when we find nothing to compare.

And I also know how important it is in life, not necessarily be strong, but feel strong.

A dog has personality. Personality leads to a long way.

Soldier: – It was an honor to have died by your side. Leonidas: It was an honor to have lived to yours.

How can I show love for a person who day after day lives rejecting me?

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even those we lose.

You need to know how to take advantage of a disgrace, and not be overcome by it.

People expect me to do everything for them, but they don’t realize that they have power. Do you want a miracle? Be a miracle.

She is my love and I will not leave her. This is my place.

I’m letting life hit me until she gets tired. Then I will retaliate. It’s a classic blow.

They seek hope.

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