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You know, it’s good to have someone to trust, tell everything… Like a best friend, a sister… Like you!

Friendships that come out of nowhere end up being everything.

She’s not the best friend in the world, she’s my world because she’s my best friend.

You are much more than a friend, you are an angel that the Lord sent me!

Best friends is not enough, we are sisters!

Friendship cannot be exchanged even for a thousand loves. Friendship is not chosen, it simply happens and when it comes, it is meant to stay.

What does “best friends” mean? It means that if one falls, they both get hurt.

A love may end and I may be sad, but our friendship will always prevail.

Friend, I will never let you fall, but if I do, I will be there, ready to catch you.

A true friend is the one who is by your side when the whole world turns its back on you.

We fight, but we love each other. We do crazy things and have fun. We are inseparable. We are sisters, we are united!

Take care of me, protect me and listen to me.

A friend teaching another how to conjugate the verb to love: I love you. You love me. He does not love you. We don’t care. You raise your heads.

Special friends are rare and sometimes they take a long time to appear, but when they blossom in our lives, they make us forget all the moments of loneliness.

You are the most beautiful being I have ever had the luck to meet!

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