Children’s Day quotes | messages, wishes and quotes

Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s sweet memories. Happy Children’s Day!

Being a child means being happy, running, playing until you get tired and still asking for an encore! Congratulations, little ones.

Age is not in the physical, but in the spirit. And if yours isn’t old yet: Happy Children’s Day!

In a child’s smile, the purity of love. Happy Children’s Day!

Being a child means creating a world of your own, without defects, with lots of treats and pets. Congratulations on your special day!

Today is a special day! Invite the child inside you to play with the children you love.

I wish you a Happy Children’s Day! Thank you for reminding me of my good old childhood days.

Every adult still has a little bit of a child in their soul and heart. Happy Children’s Day!

May God bless children, who are the joy and hope of a better world!

Happy Children’s Day! The innocence of little ones is a demonstration of their sincerity.

As the special little beings that you are, may your happiness be as bright as a ray of sunshine, bringing the encouragement of hope.

On this special day, let us recognize that: the simplicity of children is what comes closest to the love of God!

Being a child means having the happiest day of your life, every day. May this be a festive and fun date as they deserve!

Children have fun in a different way. She takes the mission of being happy more seriously. Happy Children’s Day!

This is a day completely dedicated to those who do us so much good just with a smile and their purity. Happy Children’s Day!

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