76 messages about education to reflect on this important topic

Education is one of the pillars capable of transforming and changing the world. It is through it that we can change and improve our city, state and even country. There is initial education, learned at home, which teaches us to behave in society and the school, which teaches us to think, reflect and question.

Both are very important for the formation of a citizen. There are many thoughts that have emerged over the years about what education is and how it should be done. Therefore, we have selected citations about education so that we can learn and better understand this great and significant facet of the environment where we live. Check it out:

Citations on School Education

We spent a good part of our lives inside a school. In this environment, our character is also shaped and this is where our education is complemented. See citations about school education and reflect on your role.

To be an educator is to contemporary the reality of each classroom.

If the school is the place of citizenship formation, one cannot accept an oppressive classroom, where the teacher owns the knowledge and the student has no voice.

School with attractive and motivating classroom does not mean disorganized school, without method and without limits.

The school of experience is the most educational.

The classroom is an environment of communication, in which people with different interests and affinities meet to learn from each other.

Man educator should never postpone each student’s knowledge in the classroom.

For children, education is the master school; For young people is the poet.

Why speaking romantically of education on the day of the teacher if the day to day in the classroom is not romantic at all, even for a passionate for the profession?

Being a teacher is not simply to enter a classroom and teach the class, being a teacher goes much further.

What is taught in schools and universities does not represent education, but are means to obtain it.

Families confuse schooling with education. It must be remembered that schooling is just a part of education. Educating is the family’s task.

Brazil is a place where they think that education is synonymous with school. And politician is elected only for defending their construction.

Education cannot be delegated only to school. Student is transitory. Son is forever.

Education is parents ‘responsibility, teaching is teachers’ responsibility Learning depends on the student’s desire.

As a means of education, the school for me was a simple void.


A person who studies and has opportunities to have more knowledge, expands his horizons, knows new worlds and goes through an inner transformation that is reflected abroad. Check out citations about education that transforms and gets emotional with this truth.

Who teaches learns when teaching. And those who learn teaches to learn.

An education that is not liberating makes the oppressed desire to be oppressor.

Education can do everything: it makes dancing the bears.

Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People transform the world.

Education is simply the soul of a society to move from one generation to another.

Education is the only way to emancipate man. Development without education is to create riches only for some privileged.

The essential, in effect, in education, is not the doctrine taught, it is the awakening.

Education is what remains after having forgotten everything you have learned at school.

If education alone does not transform society, without it, society changes.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Education requires greater care because it influences all life.

Every man receives two kinds of education: the one given to him by others, and, much more importantly, to which he gives himself.

Education has never been expense. It has always been investment with guaranteed return.

The most sublime result of education is tolerance.

To educate is travel in the world of the other without ever penetrating it. Is to use what we go through to transform in what we are.

Education is for the soul what sculpture is for a marble block.

Quality Education Quotes

Educating for educating nothing. It takes dedication from all parts, both the educator and the students. So check out quality education quotes to think about how we can improve and make it more accessible.

Education, if well understood, is the key to moral progress.

Life education should include loneliness classes.

Good education is not so much in the fact that it does not shed sauce on the tablecloth, but not to realize if someone else does.

Good education is a gold coin. Everywhere has value.

Music offers the soul a true intimate culture and must be part of the people’s education.

Tolerating disorder is a consequence of a failure education.

Education is the ability to listen to almost everything without losing mood or self -confidence.

The main objective of education is to create people who can do new things and not simply repeat what other generations did.

Education is a social process, it is development. It is not the preparation for life, it is life itself.

No real change happens without education.

Education is not how much you have kept in memory, not even how much you know. It is being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t know.

The first goal of education is to create men who are able to do new things; men who are creators, inventors, discoverers.

No one is so big that it cannot learn, not so small that it cannot teach.

True education consists of discovering or updating the best of a person. What book better than the book of humanity?

Education is a master of honor at the door of life presenting love to people.

Short citations on education

Few words are necessary to address the most diverse topics. With these short quotes on education, you can think, reflect and create new ideas for education to continue improving and walking so that everyone understands it better.

Only education releases.

democracy without education is anarchy.

culture form wise; Education, Men.

The education of character is not done through books.

bad education is especially in bad examples.

talent without education is like silver in the mine.

Life must be a constant education.

talent is educated in calm, character in the turmoil of life.

There is no life without correction, without rectification.

Educating is sowing wisely and harvesting with patience.

There can be no education where there is no discretion.

The principle of education is to preach with the example.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education.

Education is the second nature.

Education for fear deforms the soul.

Quotes on Philosopher Education

Philosophers are thinkers who propose reflections on the areas of human life. Education is one of the main ones. Check out citations about philosopher education and reflect along with big names about the beginnings and directions of education.

man is nothing but what education makes him.

Man’s education should begin with poetry, be fortified by the fair conduct and consummate in music.

The Master said: By nature, men are close; education is that it goes away.

Education has bitter roots, but its fruits are sweet.

It is in the problem of education that rests on the great secret of the improvement of humanity.

man’s education begins at the time of his birth; Before you speak, before you understand, you are already instructed.

educate children, so that adults do not need to punish.

Education develops colleges, but it does not create them.

I dare to expose here the most important, the largest, the most useful rule of all education? It is not gaining time, but wasting it.

Education is the biggest and most difficult problem imposed on man.

The initial orientation that someone receives from education also marks their further conduct.

Do not educate children in the various disciplines using forcibly, but as if it were a game, so that you can also better observe the natural disposition of each one.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

the one to whom the word does not educate, the stick will not educate.

The great secret of education is to guide vanity for the right goals.

How about keeping reflecting on such important topics of our lives? See our selection of philosophers quotes and learn from these thinkers about education, love, friendship, time, among others.

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