70 short messages for a friend that will make friendship a party

The simplest gestures of affection can change the day of a dear person. Friendship does not need time, reason or interest to be surprised. The more you take care of a relationship, the more it grows and blooms. So check out the short quotes for friend and leave your great partner with your heart overflowing with joy.

Short quotes for friend who will make her feel dear and strengthen her ties with her

friend, my life goal is always to have you by my side.

Friendship is like a circle and how a circle has no beginning or end.

There is nothing in this world to be more valued than true friendship.

In joys, sorrows and fights, we will always be friends.

source of coexistence, of tenderness, is the friendship that grows and matures in the midst of joys and pains.

Friend, you are the happiness purposely placed in my life. With you, I believe again in life.

we sow friendship and reap Brotherhood.

This is how you are for me a treasure that I will keep forever, friend!

Friendship redoubles the joys and divides the pains.

friend, you marked my existence and brought eternity as reality.

Madness is great, affection is strong and friendship is forever.

If you leave, your eternal friendship will follow you.

You are the person who understands me most in the world. I love you, friend!

Just because you exist, the world is a more beautiful place.

is natural to friendship, the hug, the hand grip, the smile.

Friendship We don’t look, conquest and you won my heart.

You are not the sun, but you know how to illuminate my life. I love you, friend.

Your eternal friendship takes you by the hand and says that everything will be fine.

May our essence always be the Brotherhood.

Friend is the defeated loneliness!

by chance, we became friends. By choice, we were sisters.

Your differences complete mine. Together we are better!

In a desert world, we are thirsty to find a friend.

Friendship is the beginning, friendship is priceless.

Two hearts do not touch for nothing. Our friendship is special and makes it worth the weight of this life.

I love to do nothing by your side and feel everything! You are amazing, friend.

If friendship were a tree, you would be the sweetest fruit of all.

Every time I look at you, I melt my friendship.

You become eternally responsible for what captive.

When we like it, of course we take care.

When friendship is great, every distance becomes short. Connected by the heart!

friend, in the tight hours, I will be your rest.

Friendship feels, it is not said.

It is for knowing and loving all my coils, that you are my best friend.

Friendship is a matter of salvation.

You have resignified the concept of friendship in my life.

For all follies and every moment, you are the answer, my friend.

Friendship is the seed that I rego, the amulet that I carry and feed my belief.

When everything is storm, your friendship brings me the calm.

friend, I promise that I will always be a sunflower spout in your life to signal you the light.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile.

Friend is what is after the hangover.

I just share my chips with the person who puts me the most in the world. Friend, you are special!

There is nothing more eternal than our shared moments.

Who has a friend has everything.

In friendship there is no me and you, there is us.

Friends are for life, even though they are not with us their entire lives.

we fight, but it’s shelter.

In difficult times, your friendship is my refuge.

Some believe in angels, I believe in friendship.

Friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest.

I’m not your friend because I need you. I’m your friend because I love your company.

Our friendship only needs 3 ingredients: companionship, listening and truths.

friend, I love you Tintin for Tintin.

A friendship that transformed my life.

friend is the one with which you can share silence.

I never tire of saying that I have the best friend in the world.

Gratitude is when everything is difficult and I remember that I have the best friend by my side.

The friend: a being that life does not explain.

It is with the good that we get MiĆ³.

By your side, I save energy, because you are whole light.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling two bodies.

friend who does not laugh together, does not know how to suffer together.

Growing by your side fortifies my roots.

snow or not snow, where there are friends life is light.

Like plants, friendship should not be too watered.

It was in a gesture of affection that I fell in love with our friendship.

All the riches of the world are not worth a good friend.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

It is so easy to be your friend, that I will not leave for anything in this life.

Friendship is the heart of the heart! Also check out gratitude quotes for friend and continue to cultivate this beautiful relationship with the most beautiful feelings.

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