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Cousins ​​are friends who we have a blood connection. With them, we nurture a sincere friendship that will last a lifetime. Do you have any special cousins? Show all your affection and love. We made a selection of the best quotes for cousins ​​that will help you with this mission. Check it out and share!

Straight to the point:

quotes for dear cousin

You know that cousin you wouldn’t trade for anything? She is super special and you experience incredible things together? See our quotes for a dear cousin and tell her how much you love her.

Cousin: sister, friend, companion and a thousand and one uses!

My dear cousin, girl of my heart. Funny, a little crazy… This is my flower from the backlands!

It’s impossible to remember all my childhood adventures and not visualize you! My dearest cousin.

The beloved cousin that anyone would dream of having.

More than a friend, my cousin and companion at all times, who is always there when I need help.

I can only be grateful for having someone as dear as you in my life.

I have the best cousin in the world!

Cousin, know that I love you so much and I’m lucky to have you as my best friend too!

Dear cousin, with a friend like you, there is no such thing as bad weather: whether it’s sunny or thundery, the horizon is always bluer with you around!

My guardian angel, my light, my eternal dear cousin!

Thank you for being here with me all this time, my dear cousin.

Life made us cousins, but we chose to be sisters.

More than cousins, sisters!

Cousins, a friendship that extends, that is not destroyed.

quotes for distant cousin

Coping with distance is difficult, but necessary. Anyone who has a special cousin who is far away knows what it’s like. Remind her how much she is missed with one of our distant cousin quotes. Check it out:

Cousin, distance has not been our friend, but my love for you remains! Miss you!

Even far away, I think about you every day… I can’t wait to feel your hug and talk for hours and hours about everything and nothing. I love you cousin!

Cousin, we are distant and at the same time so close… The friendship that unites us can overcome all distances.

No matter the distance, our hearts will always be united, cousin!

You are one of the people I most admire in the world, cousin. The truth is that distance has not been our friend. I miss you!

Our blood and our complicity are stronger than time and distance. No longing takes me away from you, dear cousin.

Distance will never separate a friendship like ours. I love you cousin!

The good thing about having such a friendly cousin is that despite the distance we will always be together.

May neither distance, nor time nor even our mistakes, end our friendship. Come back soon! I love you, cousin!

No distance can separate us, because our love is strong and nothing and no one will destroy it, my beloved cousin!

With hope and missing you, I stay here, waiting for you to return, dear cousin!

I have several dreams, cousin. And I confess that one of the things I would most like to have is your hug always. Unfortunately you are too far away and the distance is terrible.

As long as our souls exist, any distance will make no difference to our connection. I love and miss you, cousin.

Every day I miss you. Cousin, you are a very special person and despite the distance I know that the feeling that unites us is very powerful and beautiful.

quotes for crazy cousin

Having a crazy cousin means having a companion for all your adventures. The best thing is that your madness matches. See our quotes for crazy cousins ​​and tell yours how important it is to share your life with her.

I would give my life for you, you crazy woman!

God sent me a crazy cousin, and I would give my life for her!

Meeting you was a pleasure, being your cousin was crazy, now I can only forget you in the grave!

The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and the friendship is eternal.

Those who think I’m crazy certainly haven’t met my cousin yet!

Having a cousin is having a sister and a friend for life!

My craziest cousin is the one I love with all my heart.

Cousins, each in their own way, but all equally crazy.

Whoever has a crazy cousin has a memory full of good times!

Your madness seems a little like mine.

The craziest cousin of all is mine. But we understand each other like no one else!

The craziest of crazy cousins.

With my cousin by my side there is no such thing as a bad day!

Our crazy things are only the same if we’re together, right cousin?

quotes for cousin sister

There are cousins ​​who are much more than that, they are sisters. They are with us at all times and are accomplices in all situations. Take a look at our quotes and tell your cousin how much you love her.

I asked for a cousin as a gift and a sister came as a combo, all in one person!

My life is more special for having a cousin like you being part of it. I’m only me because I have you!

You are my half, my soulmate. You are my sister, even though fate made you my cousin.

Look at what fate is like: it made us cousins ​​by blood, but it made us sisters at heart.

Our destinies are forever intertwined! We were born into the same family and, therefore, we are cousins, sisters and best friends.

We understand each other with just one look! Telepathy like this from cousins ​​has no equal!

Blood and heart connection that there is nothing like it.

We shared blood, heart and life, all that was left was to share the same roof! Cousins ​​sisters because life wanted it!

We fight like sisters, we trust each other like sisters, we love each other like sisters, we are best friends for life.

The best childhood memories are only with you. My eternal cousin sister.

What would I do without you, if I had you by my side since I was born? I love you cousin sister!

The world may change, but our friendship doesn’t change. What exists between us is forever. We are family, cousins ​​and sisters!

My guide, my safe haven, my cousin, my sister!

A friend who, above all, is a cousin – and who in her heart is a sister – is by her side, like a true angel. Count on me for everything, my sister.

Birthday quotes for cousin

On your cousin’s birthday, congratulate her with style and love. See our birthday quotes for cousins ​​and congratulate them.

I hope you have a lot of fun today. Congratulations, cousin!

Congratulations, cousin! All the happiness in the world to the person I am so proud to have in my family. I love you!

Beautiful cousin of the heart, enjoy your day and make it an unforgettable date. May it be full of joy, health, parties, achievements and lots of love. Congratulations!

Happy birthday, dear cousin!

I wish all the best to the one who is much more than a cousin to me! Happy birthday!

May joy always be part of your life, but may it come in abundance today. Congratulations, little cousin!

Congratulations, my cousin! I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

My cousin, may God always pour blessings of joy into your life! All the best! Happy birthday!

Congratulations and best wishes, cousin! May this be an unforgettable birthday and the beginning of a special year.

May your birthday bring joy and peace to you, dear cousin! Congratulations on another year of life!

An exciting, light and passionate day is what I wish you for today, cousin of my heart. Happy birthday!

Congratulations, beautiful cousin. You are an incredible person and deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday!

Dear cousin, may your birthday bring love and happiness for you to live another year of life in harmony!

May your year be bright and may your birthday be celebrated with great intensity, because you deserve it, cousin! Congratulations!

If you also have a special friend, be sure to surprise her with your love and gratitude, send one of our quotes for a special friend right now!

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