70 female empowerment quotes that show a woman’s strength | messages, wishes and quotes

Being an empowered woman is not easy, but the power you receive from taking charge of your life is so worth it. In this long process, learning to speak, taking control of your story and loving yourself makes you free. To embark on this process and discover your strength, check out the best female empowerment quotes.

Female empowerment quotes that inspire you to be whoever you want

Invest in yourself because it will make you stronger to bring more fruits to your life.

Learn to use the mirror as your ally, after all, it reflects everything that is beautiful about you.

All we want is the freedom to be who we are, to live our truth and love our bodies.

A woman who has learned the strength of her voice never remains silent.

I want to be everything I am capable of becoming.

The only person who can have an opinion on a woman’s body is herself.

I learned to fight for myself, to speak my opinion and not care what others say.

Our feminist premise is: I have value.

I became strong and in charge of myself thanks to the women who paved the way before I could walk it.

It was through the example of other strong women that I realized that I had everything I needed to win within me.

The bravest act is to think for yourself out loud.

Dance, have fun, experiment and be happy with the body you have.

What made me believe that women could do anything was seeing women reaching the top through their own efforts.

We can’t all be successful when half of us are restricted.

Your body allows you to live, move through life and just waits for you to love and embrace it.

Be the protagonist of your story and show the world the size of your strength.

There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.

Let nothing define us, let nothing subject us. Let our freedom be our very substance.

My flaws don’t make me less of a woman, they make me human and that makes me stronger.

Empowered women also go through moments of weakness, but they don’t let them determine their stories.

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is just another stepping stone to success.

When we learn that our voice has power, no one can stop us.

Empowered women go through life empowering others who need to free themselves from the constraints of society.

Our bodies are marked by our struggles and experiences. They are amazing!

She is constantly fighting to discover who she is and the strength she has to build her space in the world.

Some women choose to follow men. Others choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which direction to go in, remember that your career will never wake up in the morning and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.

A woman who uses her voice and influence to lift up other women is transforming society with her power.

There are no limits for a woman who knows the extent of her strength.

The more women at the top, the happier we all are.

No one is born a woman, they become a woman.

Every woman who loves herself has gone through the process of getting to know herself and learning to value herself.

To make your star shine, you don’t need to extinguish mine.

We don’t need magic to change the world, we already have all the necessary power within ourselves: we already have the power to imagine something better.

You are free to write your story your way. Don’t take shit from others!

I never considered myself a feminist, but I don’t believe you can be a woman in this world and not be one.

Becoming an empowered woman requires strength, but staying that way demands even more of us and shows that we can go beyond the strengths we believe we have.

Every day, you face your dragons and you do so knowing that you are capable of defeating them!

When the work day is over, girls just want to have fun.

A woman must be able to control her body.

I fought hard to be this woman who is an example of strength that people see when they see me.

Don’t let the hardness of life take away your simplicity and sweetness. Strong women can also be delicate.

Don’t come, no. I live the way I want, I didn’t ask for an opinion.

Empower yourself, woman, and don’t let other people’s opinions affect your courage to be happy.

Don’t change for anyone but yourself!

Change your life today. Don’t put off taking risks in the future, act now, without delay.

I’m mine and I fought for a long time so that no one else could rule my life.

In every second of my journey, I discover that I am capable of something new that I didn’t know about.

A strong woman’s greatest ability is to adapt to life’s uncontrollable changes.

Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. Don’t be discouraged when you need to start over, woman.

It will be a great adventure, perhaps the biggest of your life, but it will be worth it to become your own person.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and stay strong.

Each woman faces challenges in whatever way she can and they are all doing their best in their own way.

Get behind the wheel and direct your life to the destination you dream of reaching.

Not every empowered woman has everything figured out, but she knows she is strong enough to decipher the paths of life.

Society fears empowered women because it knows that they are not satisfied with the way it treats them.

I am an independent woman, I do not accept oppression. Lower your voice, lower your hand.

Woman, stand up and show the world that you are giant!

My freedom is the result of my strength and I will never give it up.

Don’t try to be strong all the time because this can take away the strength you’ve already gained.

If a man can destroy everything, why can’t a girl change it?

To be an empowered woman and overcome your limitations, you need self-knowledge.

Empowered women help each other and that makes them even stronger.

Learning to love your own company makes you so strong, woman. Be happy alone!

People feel intimidated by women who have dominated their strengths. Just ignore them.

I can be so many women, but the one I like most is being the one who fought for her freedom.

Turn the tables, take over the game, make a point of taking care of yourself. Neither servant nor object, she no longer wants to be the other, today she is one too.

An empowered woman does not accept supporting actors stealing her role as protagonist in her life.

There is no competition between empowered women, there is only support and support for everyone to discover their strengths.

You deserve much more than average love. You deserve someone who loves you with intensity and truth.

Don’t be discouraged when people doubt that you are strong. People are scared of women who know what they want.

May you discover the hurricane within you and share your power with the world! Take the opportunity to see feminist quotes and help other women to rise up like you did.

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