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Simplicity is a virtue that indicates wisdom and nobility. Those who possess this characteristic are seen as appreciative of few, but important, events. This individual does not have greed or great ambitions, as he finds happiness in simplicity. To inspire you, we have separated the best quotes about simplicity and the beauty of a few, but important, moments for you to achieve this virtue. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

quotes of simplicity for photos

Who doesn’t like capturing great moments in photos? With these simplicity quotes for photos you will appreciate the spontaneity of having simple moments.

All great things are simple.

I love simple things. They are the last refuge of a complex spirit.

I want the delight of being able to feel the simplest things.

The words of truth are simple.

The truth is never pure and is rarely simple.

Everything is so simple it fits on a postcard.

I just want to be happy in a simple way.

Not too complicated, but not too simple.

Simple sincere words are worth more than long quotes!

It’s the simplest moments that mark our lives.

Live, live and be free, know how to value the simplest things.

It’s hard to imagine anything simple.

Simple ideas are only within the reach of complex minds.

Everything that seems a little silly is always very beautiful, because it’s not complicated. Simple thing is beautiful. And there is very little…

I value simple things.

We enjoy the simple, the complicated we solve.

quotes of simplicity and love

Nothing simpler than love, a feeling and a virtue that go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve separated the best quotes about simplicity and love. Check it out.

Forgiveness is such a simple word, but so complicated when you are hurt.

The strongest oaths are consumed in the fire of passion like the simplest straw.

One must donate with a free, simple soul, just for love, spontaneously!

On a sad day, a simple smile from someone we love is worth everything.

What is love? A simple tale, told in many ways.

I dreamed that you dreamed of me, it seems simple, but it left me uneasy.

How a simple look or a simple smile can change everything!

Men who like simple things. I’m not simple, I never have been. But I always wanted to be yours.

I just want it to be natural, simple, easy and good. I don’t want a few. I don’t want many. I want one. A love. Just one.

It’s not easy to love. And it’s not easy to be loved. Whoever says everything is very simple has never suffered.

We overcomplicate things because being simple is very difficult. Being simple costs everything you have.

And in a simple slip, hate becomes love and vice versa.

Sometimes a simple look is worth a thousand words.

The best and simplest things are not said with beautiful words but with looks.

The true wise man is the one who does not cry for a simple act but for a great love!

One certainty: love is simplicity, love is delicacy, love is happiness.

quotes about the simplicity of life

Being adaptable to life’s adversities and flowing along with it is characteristic of a simple person. Life becomes lighter, no decorations, everything very objective. We’ve put together some quotes to inspire you and simplify your life.

Life is simple, we are the ones who complicate it.

There is a taste of victory and charm in being simple. It doesn’t take much to be much.

Value and make good use of the simple things in life, the little things… one day you will discover that they were big and essential to your life!

Whoever constantly celebrates the simple things in life simply lives a fantastic life.

Let no one be mistaken, simplicity can only be achieved through hard work.

Simplicity is the highest degree of wisdom

The simplest things in life are the most extraordinary, and only the wise can see them.

Life is a simple shadow that passes; It’s a story told by an idiot, full of noise and fury and meaning nothing.

The meaning of life is to be alive. It’s so clear, so obvious and so simple. Even so, everyone doesn’t stop running in panic, as if they needed to achieve something beyond themselves.

Everything that is truly wise is simple and clear.

The cultured man is just more cultured; is not always more intelligent than the simple man.

The simple can be more difficult than the complex: you have to work hard to clear your thoughts to make them simple.

Being simple is, without a doubt, the most natural and honest way of being there is.

Life is simpler than we think; just accept the impossible, do without the indispensable and endure the intolerable.

Think as the wise think, but speak as simple people speak.

For every complex problem there is always a simple solution

quotes of simplicity and happiness

Happiness can’t be too complicated. Happiness is a simple feeling. It’s not very complicated things that make us happy. The simplicity of a life without tangles that need to be unraveled means being free. Check out the quotes we selected for you to appreciate the happiness of being simple.

It is in simple and anonymous things that the greatest treasures of emotion are found.

Don’t forget that happiness is a simple feeling, you can find it and let it go by not realizing its simplicity.

When people are told that happiness is a simple matter, they always wish us harm.

That deep down it’s simple to be happy. It’s difficult to be so simple.

I have learned things from him. Nothing too sensational, simple things, small joys.

Happiness is simple, and when you discover this it stops being a wait and becomes a minute, a second. And life is made of minutes and seconds.

I move away from the chaos and follow a simple thought: the simpler the better!

Happiness is found in the simplest things on earth, sometimes the peace of a smile. It can defuse a war.

I learned to make the days simpler, lighter… I started to believe that being happy means making life easier, from the inside!

For your happiness, not everything in life needs to be in color, it just needs to be in black and white. It’s that simple!

No matter how simple, small or stupid they may be, sometimes words hurt more than a slap, especially when spoken by someone you like.

Little is a lot for me. The simple is all that fits into my days.

Because a simple hug can heal any wound.

Be as simple as you can be, you will be surprised to see how simple and happy your life can become.

It is in simplicity that the essential is found.

Simplicity is a virtue that denies excesses. It’s not just passivity, it’s understanding and caring about things that are objective and valuing everything you’ve already achieved. Inspire people to seek the path of simplicity and share the best humility quotes!

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