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Feeling united with loved ones gives us such strong confidence that together we can defeat all the forces of evil. This must be where the quotes “union is strength” comes from, in fact, it was with this in mind that we prepared a list of union quotes for you and we hope you can reflect and share it with that inseparable person. Check it out below.

Straight to the point:

Group union quotes

Everyone has had some experience of living and/or working in a group, and although it is not easy, it is the union that will produce good results. Still have doubts? Read the following sentences!

Alone we win sometimes, but as a group we can win constantly.

The best stimulus to change what is not within our power is to unite with those who share the same feeling of change.

A united team knows that any destination can only be reached when everyone rows in the same direction.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go in a group.

Behind a good work team is a spirit of unity capable of achieving the most incredible results.

Union and unity make a relatively small group an immensely large group.

Working in a group is bringing together different ways of thinking towards a single objective.

If everyone comes together and works together, success will be a certainty, as will satisfaction and fulfillment for the work done.

Teamwork is richer, stronger and therefore capable of achieving the most difficult goals.

Arm in arm and in the same direction, for those who work as a team, victory is unity.

Friends union quotes

Being in union with other people results in a friendship that, no matter the distance, whether near or far, the bond of friendship will always endure. Check out the following friend union quotes.

We are friends and owners of a rare and unconditional union!

Even if distance separates us for a while, the strength of our union will keep you close to my heart. Thank you for your friendship.

Celebrating life is bringing together friends and adding experiences and achievements, always giving them some meaning.

Life is too short not to get together with friends.

We are great friends and we are always united. You know that for you I would give my life.

A true friendship does not need perfection, but rather an unshakable union.

True friendship means uniting two hearts in one spirit.

Our laughter was stamped in the heart that keeps us united in the strength of our friendship.

Friends pay fun together, friends drink to drown their sorrows of love together. Friends are always united.

May life keep us together forever, so that we can celebrate our friendship every day.

Family unity quotes

Having a united family is the basis of everything. Family may even disagree, but love overcomes anything and soon everyone is gathered around the table again. Check out some family union quotes now!

The happiness of a home is the result of unity between all family members.

A happy family is a refuge that remains standing, even when the biggest storms pass through our lives.

When unity defines a family, peace and love between all are achieved.

Whoever has a united family will never feel alone.

A united family is the love of God offering us a little bit of heaven here on Earth.

A united family can be a true foundation in building your happiness.

The love and comfort of a united family are unmatched and cannot be replaced.

A family that grows together stays together forever!

Nothing compares to the love of a united family, because even in the midst of chaos it comforts us and gives us strength.

A true family is one united by spirit and not by blood.

Love couple quotes

Have you ever heard the quotes “love unites”? Well, it really unites. It unites two bodies, two hearts, two souls, two lives… And what could be more beautiful than the union of two lovers? Come take a look at these quotes to share with your loved one.

Our union is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, my love.

Love is the union of two people who know that their priority is to care for each other.

May this beautiful union be full of love and last forever.

Love is the union of a need and a feeling.

I have never loved someone the same way I love you, because I have never found a union as perfect as ours.

In the joy of living, our union gives birth to my best smile.

Hand in hand and with hearts united, eternity is our path.

Two lives, two hearts, united in friendship, united in love.

A relationship does not consist of the easy union of two bodies, but rather the difficult union of two minds.

May this be the destiny of our union: to love, live and begin each day together.

quotes of unity between brothers

If there is a union that is eternal, we can say that it is the union between brothers. This blood bond cannot be destroyed, much less the heart bond. Check out quotes about this union and take the opportunity to thank your brothers for always being by your side.

Because we are brothers in Christ, our union will be eternal!

There is no distance or time that weakens the love between brothers. We will always be united!

The union between brothers is like a barrier, an unbreakable wall and at the same time a bridge destined for eternal love.

Together or apart, brothers are always united by heart.

United by blood and inseparable by the heart.

Brothers are friends with a bond stronger than friendship and as powerful as love.

The union between brothers is pure, true and eternal.

We are different and we fight often, but the blood that unites us is as real as the friendship that brings us together. I love you brother!

To have the love of a brother in your life is to know that you will never be alone, because no matter what happens, nothing can shake this union.

Brother is a sacred name, it is union for life and a gift from God.

quotes of unity are strength

“Unity is strength” is already a popular saying known nationally, so check out some sentences about this statement now!

It doesn’t matter the size of the challenge, what matters is the greatness of the union.

Our union will be capable of dethroning any trial by fire!

A spirit of unity reduces the chances of defeat.

United, we will win. Divided, we fall.

Union gives strength and humility makes human beings grow spiritually.

Coming together is a good start, maintaining unity is progress, and working together is victory.

Forget the differences, united we are stronger!

When we make unity our main weapon in the fight for a common goal, winning becomes a much easier task.

Unity is strength and that is my strategy.

When the herd comes together, the lion goes to bed hungry.

Did you like our selection? The important thing is to always keep in mind that if we are united with someone we will never be alone, and the strength of two is much greater than that of just one.

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