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What would our nights be like if there was no moon? It lights up the darkest nights, makes the stars shine brighter and makes the sky more beautiful and romantic. Have you had time to stop and admire its beauty? We made a selection of quotes about the moon that will help you take some time to observe it. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

quotes about the moon and the sea

When the moon’s reflection hits the sea, it forms an incredible scene to behold. It is a beauty that we need to contemplate at least once in our lives. See our quotes about the moon and the sea and pay more attention to this event.

I fall in love with your smile like the sea flirts with the moon.

Language exerts hidden power, like the moon beneath the tide.

The moon even kissed the sea so as not to have to sail. The four lost in love: me, you, the sea and her.

Your eyes shine like the last reflection of moonlight on the ocean.

It’s fantastic to contemplate the full moon reflecting its light on the sea or on the tiles of a roof.

I wish I had you every night, just like the moon has the sea.

Shines in the sea. Beautiful moon shines.

I wanted to be your path so we could always walk together, I wanted to kiss your mouth like the moon kisses the sea.

I want to hear the sea, see the moon and try to believe that now I’m finally okay.

The moon reflecting on the sea with the heart reflecting with emotion, without thinking or wishing.

quotes about the new moon

The new moon is a phase of the moon that allows us to be reborn, start from scratch and gives us hope to follow our plans. Check out our quotes and gain the motivation you’re missing to go after what you want.

The new moon. She also looks at her from another door.

New moon good life, new moon she wants to get married.

A twilight appears at dawn, starting the eclipse, for a new moon to rise.

I’m like the moon. I show my romanticism, when I wane, I withdraw. When I grow, I get inspired. When new, I start over. When full, I light up.

New moon, for creation!

That night the sky was completely black. Maybe there was no moon – a lunar eclipse, a new moon. A new moon. I shivered even though I wasn’t cold.

Take advantage of the new moon to start all over again, renew yourself!

On the new moon we can remake our dreams and desires, recharge our hopes!

We can take advantage of the new moon to fulfill our visions and make our desires come true.

The new moon represents the most fertile period for starting everything new in your life.

quotes about the full moon

The full moon guarantees one of the most beautiful landscapes. A bright sky with many stars. It is also responsible for energizing us and making us more sensitive. See below quotes about the full moon and admire this phenomenon even more.

Happiness is a full moon night.

The day slept for the moon to rise… Beautiful, full of dreams, guarding nature from the evils of the world.

When I found you, there was so much to give you… There was a full moon over the sea, there was amazement and love in my eyes.

Full moon, full of magic, godmother of lovers. Take my longing to my love and bring to me the happiness in those eyes.

Relax. Because in this life even the moon is full.

Full moon, turn off the lighthouse, date me waiting for the sun.

Each wave reflects the new full moon on the sand.

In this white space of dawn and full moon, I need to speak, and more than speaking, I need to say. But words don’t say everything, they don’t say anything.

Every woman in the full moon phase does not accept waning love.

So she sneakily, little by little, appeared behind that red wall, without realizing that I saw her, and even without eyes she saw me. Ah, this full moon… Full of magic.

Short quotes about the moon

The moon appears every day to make our nights more starry and enchanting. So that you can admire it even more, we have made a list of short quotes about the moon. Check it out!

Be like the moon. Seek to shine in the midst of darkness.

The sky is beautiful, the moon too. Today I only let in what makes me feel good.

The moon moves slowly, but it crosses the world.

I like looking at the moon and feeling the fresh early morning air.

Just like the moon, life is summarized in phases.

Looking at the moon warms the soul and calms the heart.

Do you feel alone? The moon too, and that doesn’t mean it stops shining.

It is a beautiful and charming spectacle to contemplate the body of the moon.

The moon is a friend to talk to the lonely.

When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.

Romantic quotes about the moon

The beauty of the moon can be compared to the love and beauty of the beloved woman or man. It yields several romantic quotes that will make your relationship more charming. Check out the list we made!

I can’t give you the moon, but I can take you to admire it.

If I had mastery of balance, and could fly, I would bring you the moon.

I wanted to be the moon to light up your night, and be able to dazzle me with the brightness of your eyes looking at me.

We may be separated by distance, but we are connected by the moon. Just look at the sky and I will be close to you.

What do you think about us going to the beach and letting the sea and the moon be a witness to our love.

My mouth is the sun and yours is the moon. In the eclipse of love, my mouth kisses yours.

Do you see that moon shining in the sky? If you ask me, I’ll get it just to give it to you. Although her brilliance doesn’t even compare to yours, let me give you a kiss and I’ll show you how much time you’ve wasted.

Moon makes our feelings release love, go crazy.

I love you to the moon and back.

The greatness of our love is like the shine of the moon, strong and serene, and warms everyone around it.

Funny quotes about the moon

Feel like laughing a little? We made a selection of funny quotes about the moon. You will find puns and lots of fun jokes. Share your favorite!

Just like the moon, I also have phases. And now I’m full.

It’s so hot, the moon only comes out at night.

The moon loved the sun, but the love ended because the sun was a bit hotheaded.

There are days when the sun wakes up from the moon. There’s a moon that turns into clear days.

I love the moon so much that I live in her world.

Colorful dream, the sun dances with the moon and you dance with me.

Did you know that the moon adores me? She always follows me.

The biggest moon in 68 years and here in my sky everything is cloudy. This time the moon joined the clouds and they both betrayed me.

You were like the moon, only to look at from afar.

I woke up with the goal of taking photos of the super moon today. But it’s raining so much that I can’t even see the clothes I forgot on the line, let alone the super moon.

If you love the moon, you must also love the night. Check out our list of quotes about the night and be fascinated by its beauty.

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