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During our day, we need to make many decisions, whether small or significant. It is our personal choices that determine our path and bring consequences and renunciations that we will have to learn to deal with. With this in mind, we selected quotes about choices that will open your mind about what you have decided for your life. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

quotes about choices and consequences

Absolutely everything we do has consequences that we will have to learn to face. Life is a real give and take. Check out our quotes below and reflect before choosing to act.

Every choice implies a renunciation and a consequence.

You are free to make your choices, but you are a prisoner of the consequences.

It was your choices that shaped who you are. Accept the consequences and have more peace in your life.

The choices are yours, the consequences too, accept them and you will live well.

Before you act, highlight the consequences of your choices.

Choosing myself first gave me self-love as a consequence.

Be careful not to make choices that alienate special people as consequences.

Don’t call the consequences of your own choices destiny.

There is no right answer, no right attitude, just choices and consequences.

Try to find the perfect balance between your choices and the consequences of each of them.

Maturity is what you learn from the consequences of your own choices.

The future is the result of the paths you have already chosen.

quotes about life choices

Every second of our lives, we need to make choices. But there are some decisions that are more impactful and we need to reflect on their implications. To do this, see our quotes about life choices below:

In life, every choice implies a new beginning.

The energies we choose to receive are the tools we use to build life.

Thinking before acting is the best way to avoid making wrong choices in life.

With every choice, you risk leaving behind the life you could have.

The decisions you make affect the paths that life opens up in front of you.

Life is like a road divided into two directions: at some point, you will need to choose which side you are on.

The choices you make in life change who you are a little more.

Each choice is a renunciation, that’s life.

My life does not follow the rule of standards sold and idolized by social alienation. My choices, I make.

To avoid getting lost in life, make choices that match your essence.

Life is made of choices, when you take a step forward, something is left behind.

Decisive choices are not easy, mainly because they can change our lives completely.

quotes about wrong choices

No one always gets it right, life doesn’t come with a manual and making mistakes is part of it. The important thing is to try to get something positive out of the situation. Learn how to deal with your wrong choices with the quotes we selected below:

It is by choosing wrong that we learn what is right.

The price of wrong choices, almost always very expensive, is loneliness, discouragement, disgust, tiredness.

With a little luck, a wrong choice can lead to an even better place.

We are afraid to put it on the scale, see the weight and realize the size of the error in our choice.

A wrong choice is never in vain, it teaches you to make a better decision next time.

We will always make mistakes, some are bearable to carry and others are not. What will determine this is you and your choices.

If it doesn’t make your heart beat faster, then it’s a wrong choice.

May we free ourselves from bad thoughts, wrong choices, wounds that don’t heal, bitter people and the torments of the soul.

Your wrong choices do not determine who you are.

Don’t regret because you made a mistake. Get up and try again until you make the right choice.

You deserve to have what bad choices took from you.

Some wrong choices have such a special taste that we want to make mistakes again.

quotes about choices in love

No one lives without love, so it is part of our daily lives and presents us with different choices every day. See quotes about choices in love and be prepared when you have to make a definitive decision!

If in doubt, always choose love!

I chose you and I would choose you a thousand times.

Choose self-love and the rest comes.

We complain that our relationships don’t work out, but look who we choose to get involved with.

Choose love and feel the desire to conquer the world invade your heart.

Among all the possible choices, stay with yourself, stay by your side, keep all that love with you.

You have a huge range of choices, choose the one that is good for your heart.

Choose whoever really likes you.

Perhaps, love is rational to the point of being chosen.

Love is a decision, it is choosing to be with the same person, day after day, body and soul.

I made extraordinary choices in life and the biggest one was choosing self-love.

Love arrives suddenly and happens without allowing us to choose.

quotes about difficult choices

Growing up means making increasingly difficult decisions. Thinking and reflecting are fundamental actions to choose the best path. Check out our list below and find the way to make choices that works for you.

Difficult choices turn our world upside down.

Decisions are not easy to make, but they are necessary.

There are choices so difficult that they can cause us physical pain.

The more we mature, the more difficult decisions in our lives become.

Before making a difficult decision, try to clear your mind and relax. With a full head, the chance of making mistakes is greater.

It’s not difficult to make a decision, it’s difficult when the choice doesn’t come from your heart.

Perhaps the most difficult choice there is is to walk away from a person we love, but who hurts us.

Don’t let a difficult decision keep you from your dreams.

It’s not difficult to make decisions when you know what your values ​​are.

To walk through life, we need to make more difficult choices than we imagined.

The hardest choices are between what is best for us and what we want.

Some difficult choices haunt us with a tendency to make us give up and go back.

Everything we are is the result of choices we made and there is no way to change what has already been. Learn to look at yesterday with more affection. See our decision quotes and appreciate your achievements using them as lessons for the future.

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