60 pregnancy messages to immortalize this beautiful phase

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment, where the body prepares to generate a life. It is at this stage that love and bonds between mother and son are formed. There are many emotions and situations lived. The family begins to gain a new configuration and everything is adapting to the arrival of the baby who is already so loved.

To express all your feeling while carries a baby in the womb, we select emotion -filled pregnancy quotes that will manifest everything that is stored inside you.

Happy pregnancy quotes because this moment is very special

Every pregnancy is unique and in the midst of so many changes and feelings, what stands out is happiness. In this category, see happy pregnancy quotes!

Pregnancy is the only moment in a woman’s life when she is happy when jeans no longer fits.

Motherhood became my life inside out, and then I discovered that the reverse is my right side.

I thought all the paths of love would lead to motherhood. Pregnancy made me discover that it is motherhood that leads us to all the ways of love.

Pregnancy: You cry for everything and swear that they are the happiest days of your life.

Pregnancy is the living proof that it is possible to love without prejudice. We love without knowing gender or identity, and yet it is a greater love than anything.

I dare to say that the two most beautiful curves of my body are that of my belly, that she houses my son, and that of my smile whenever I imagine a future by your side.

The hope of the future fits all in my womb.

To feel my baby in me is to feel that my fears give way to crazy courage.

Being pregnant was the most special moment of my life, my gaze has a new shine.

Being pregnant is the closest I got from magic.

From all the special moments of my life, getting pregnant was the greatest.

From the moment I learned of its existence, I already felt the greatest in the world.

It is as if there is a unique language, which only one mother perceives and has no translation.

At the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test, I knew that my life was a new meaning.

God gave us the greatest gift in the world when we offered us the blessing of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Quotes for Status to share what you are feeling

When you are pregnant it is a whirlwind of emotions. Express everything you are feeling sharing on your social networks and sharing this moment with your friends.

To be pregnant is to feel that the whole world fits within us.

The wonders of being a mother for the first time, the challenges of a new journey that only begins.

The strength of motherhood is greater than the laws of nature.

They say it’s the belly growing, but I’m sure it’s my heart!

Being pregnant is getting emotional to hear the sound of the child’s heart.

Being a mother: strange feeling of protection, relief and love. It’s something you don’t know, but you already love it. It’s something you expect, but it is surprised when it arrives. It’s something unique, unique feeling of being a mother.

Our family will get bigger. Welcome, baby!

Just for them we get fat, swell, get sleepless, get sick, sick and thank you for all this.

My belly has a new resident and my heart too!

1 + 1 = <3 We are pregnant!

I give you the most important news of my life: I will be Mom!

Who says love doesn’t fill belly is because it doesn’t know what it is to be pregnant.

I asked this child to God, the Lord, and he gave me what I asked.

My greatest treasure can be found in my belly!

You can start counting count to receive our little angel.

Quotes to announce pregnancy to give the news in the cutest way

Announcing that you are pregnant is a very striking moment. See in this category, quotes that will help you tell people in an unforgettable way!

Inside me no longer beats a heart. I’ll be a mom!

Today I spent all day with my eyes closed, paying close attention to the movie that passed in my head. I saw everything we’ve been together and I also imagined everything to come. I’m looking forward to our future to three.

Of all positive things in my life, the one I liked the most was this: the pregnancy test! Best of all was to see him positive and be able to say that I will be a mother.

The greatest blessings came to my house: I’m going to be a mother!

Finally, I discovered the true meaning of love. I’m pregnant!

In nine months, I will have life, the house and the fullest heart, I will be Mom!

As love no longer fit my chest, from now on it will grow in my belly.

This love story will now be to three voices. It will be the most beautiful lullaby of our lives. Let’s be dads.

The only better thing than knowing that we have love in our home is to know that it will have a new foundation. Let’s be dads!

I made a new discovery in my life. One that will change it forever: love grows in my womb.

It’s time to prepare our lives to receive, our hearts to love, our arms to get lap. It’s time to devote ourselves to the little big feeling. It’s time for you to know that we will become dads.

Are you prepared to live something totally new, full of uncertainties, fears, but a lot of love and achievements? Are you prepared to see the miracle of life happen right under your own ceiling? God blessed us with the greatest gift we could receive, our Son. Yes, finally, our son!

Soon, you will be able to know the best piece of me. I’m pregnant!

When could we imagine that our love would multiply so suddenly? On second thought, it’s so much love that it makes you feel growing and flourishing. And flourished. Inside me, there is a little seed that, in a few months, will become flower. The most beautiful flower we will see throughout the garden of the world.

Pregnant Quotes for your baby because this relationship already starts in the belly

The bond between mother and son will be forming since the beginning of pregnancy, it is very important to talk to the baby and already tell him how important to you is. See beautiful quotes to tell your baby.

Being your mom is the most beautiful destination I could have dreamed of me.

I can barely wait to have you in your arms, see your face, grab you in my lap, sing you lullays or read a story before bed. I can’t wait to share a life with you.

Knowing that you came to realize the idea of ​​love. Who asks me “What is love?”, I can answer without fear of making mistakes: “Love is this!”.

Your heart is now my treasure. And I will protect you with all my strength, until the last beating of mine.

You are my first in each of your first. Listen to the first beating of your heart, feel your first movement, listen to your first cry. And then your first smile, your first soup, your first step, your first word.

When I learned that I was going to be a mother, I thought of all the things I wanted to teach you. And it was all to find that I will learn to be a mother and to love with you.

Even without having known you yet, I already know that you are the great love of my life.

Even in bad days, when the bitterness of the world knocks on us at the door, I think of you and I know, “If I did this, I did something right in life!” Sometimes, my baby, I don’t need anything else to move on with a smile on your face.

I know it’s not mine. I’m lucky enough to bring you in the womb and to be able to accompany you on the start of the journey. You have the whole world waiting for you. But, I confess, it will be the greatest joy of my life to be able to help you take your first steps.

The heart that hits you is also mine. And it is to protect this heart that I will live the rest of my life.

I found my life that I was waiting for happiness. In fact, it was just waiting for you. And happiness came, along with an without explanation love.

Sometimes I thought, before I got pregnant, that I would like a child of mine to study and be a doctor. But with you growing little inside me, I realize that, in fact, I just want it to be happy.

Listening to your heart made me know the most beautiful song of the soundtrack of my life.

my baby, you grow in my belly, my soul and my heart.

How is pregnancy synonymous with love, how about continuing to fill your heart with this deep feeling? Check out our selection of love quotes and live with more peace and joy!

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