60 balance messages that will help you lead a more balanced life

Everything in life needs balance, right? We often let the excess take over or the opposite of it, leaving our daily life unbalanced and harming us. Let bad emotions prevail or not calculate the risks of something is an example of this extreme.

But, the good news is that we can solve this! Taking care of yourself is the first step, and then lead to the other spheres of life. Do you lead a balanced life? We have selected the best balance quotes to help you take care of this important aspect! Check it out:

Emotional Balance Citations

One of the most important things is our mental health! Our emotional part also needs to be healthy and well cared for. For this, we have separated some quotes that will help you maintain emotional balance, check out:

I got my balance by cutting insanity.

Emotional control is the only way to tame the senses. An uncontrolled mind means a life without harmony. Master your thoughts before they dominate you.

I’m made of such little and my balance is so fragile that I need excessive security to feel more or less safe.

Happiness means facing difficulties without losing balance and pleasure to live.

Happiness is the balance between shame and pride … and the supremacy of audacity to fear.

To have balance in life, a good dose of rationality is required. Surrender totally to emotion can lead us to damage.

I seek between silence, meditation and music the balance of my madness.

A disciplined mind can have the balance to walk in the wire of life.

And life is like a river of waters that run on the banks of fear and trust. The perfect balance of everything that exists.

Accepting itself as a human being full of boundaries and weaknesses is, above all, a sign of balance, peace with himself and happiness.

Balance quotes of the body and mind

healthy, body are … This defines the important role that the connection between these two things have in us. Our physical and mental health are always holding hands! See some balance quotes from the body and mind and get inspired to take care of yourself.

For a well -balanced mind, bad influences mean nothing.

A complete trance mind reflects on an extremely balanced body with what we call planet Earth.

If you believe you have a soul, your body needs to be careful, because it is the enclosure of this soul; If you believe you have no soul, your body needs to be careful, because it is everything you are.

Your body is your mind. Balance them!

Challenge your body, try things you have never done. When we overcome, our trust increases, our health improves and more balanced and conscious we are.

The basis of perfection of anything is balance. In the case of the human being, a balanced mind gives him control of his life and body. And this is what we can have of perfection.

Living the difference with an equality look is synonymous with living maintaining the balance of our body, soul and mind.

At parties, toast without exaggeration and will be in perfect balance with you and life.

Take care of your thoughts just as you take care of your body. Never forget to maintain balance between the two things!

mind and body have a unique connection. Take care to keep them balanced.

Spiritual Balance Quotes

Just like our mind and body, our spirituality is also of great importance. Do you be careful of your soul? Check out some spiritual balance quotes and reflect:

Meet me, balance me, stuff me. Being me, complete.

There is a fine balance between what makes you walk and what makes you stop. Many times, that’s what makes you stop you make you walk.

There is no spiritual man. What exists is a beautiful life balance: body, soul and spirit.

For a full life just love, balance and devotion.

Balance comes from understanding, humility and tolerance. The highest state of balance is to fly free from everything and yet remain firmly rooted in the reality of the world.

The human being needs to have vital goals, goals, and purposes with which he finds the meaning of his days, motivating herself to get up in the morning with energy to overcome more and more. Find the balance and this mission will be easier!

organized mind, balanced spirit.

Balance, first of all, comes from the soul! Take care of your spirituality and you will know how to lead life in harmony.

As much as life brings you winds, stay strong, let yourself be wedys, but don’t let yourself break. Balance often comes from flexibility. Have a malleable spirit and will be able to deal with all situations.

Find a balance in time … Do not live in the past or in the future, trust your spirit to now.

Balance and Positivity Quotes

Keeping our feet on the floor is the key to leading life and dealing with problems, but none of this works without positivity. Knowing how to maintain the balance between the two can guide you in the best way! Check out some quotes we selected and reflect:

Never lose your balance, no matter how strong the wind of the storm.

There is nothing I can’t do. I have head, reasoning, balance, intelligence.

Everything has its own balance, so don’t worry! What will happen, will happen.

Believe in the balance of life and she will guide you!

Balance, objective, organization and determination, are the key to success for everything.

Instead of complaining that the roses are full of thorns, be happy that thorns have roses.

With balance, there is nothing that you cannot reach.

balance and walk on the tightrope. Allow yourself to take risks, but keep your eye alive. And when the right time comes, lose your balance. Allow happiness to make your legs tremble, and dare to live!

Balance. Not only a word, but a feeling, a desire, a goal.

That I don’t lose my balance, even though I know that countless forces want me to fall.

Balance Quotes for Photos

Nothing better than being in the best form of yourself! How about showing this to the world? We selected the best Balance Quotes for Photos to help you in the caption, choose yours!

Life keeps the wisdom of balance and nothing happens without a fair reason.

Lately I’ve been so middle ground, neither here nor there, neither hot nor cold. Balance.

He who is happy, spreads happiness. One who insists on unhappiness, who loses balance and confidence, is lost in life.


All art is a problem of equilibrium between two opposites.

many angels, yes, but to maintain balance, also many demons.

Living is like bicycle riding: you need to be in constant motion to maintain balance.

Highest happiness is one that corrects our defects and balances our weaknesses.

Keep your balance on the razor wire.

Life is like a game of questions and answers, each act has its reaction.

Balance Quotes in Relationship

Balance is also essential in relationships, whether they are loving, friendships or any other type. Have you ever wondered how you have dealt with your relationships? See some quotes we selected and think about it!

Being single is much more psychological balance than freedom.

Balance is almost impossible when we are next to those we love. We lack understanding of the whole. But why want to understand something right now? It is best to feel and experience …

In love, the scale dishes are never balanced. And as the essence of love is ethereal, who weighs most is the one who loves the least.

Sometimes losing balance for love is part of living a balanced life.

Do you know that super balanced woman? That never charges you anything? Super safe, nothing jealous and calm? She has another.

Love more with your heart than with your head, if you find balance between one and the other, perfect. If you have to hang to one side, which is to the left of the chest.

Knowing how to respect the limits of those you love is the real way of loving. Balance is a way of caring!

They say that an insane love with balance in life is not known! But who said I seek to balance myself in life?

Balance is a friend who allows you to stand up when everything is moving, about to fall. That can keep you up when no other can, when no other wants you to stay.

Learn to love with tenderness, but also move away when I need. A healthy relationship is in the balance of emotions.

Did you like our selection of balance quotes? So it’s time to start applying in everyday life! To inspire you even more, take a look at this list of Buddha quotes that will help you keep your life in the calm, click and check it out!

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