55 welcome December messages to end the year with hope

Marked by Christmas and New Year, December is the ideal month to reflect on everything that has been lived throughout the year. It is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, gather the family, thank the achievements and also make plans. To get in the mood and receive this month with open arms, check out Welcome Quotes, December, and prepare the heart for a new cycle!

Welcome Quotes, December, to close the year with good vibrations

Each purpose is a fresh start. Welcome, December! End the year with a golden key.

December is knocking on the door, bringing Christmas and its true meaning: the birth of Jesus Christ. May it be a blessed month for all of us!

December is a month of parties, fraternization, the anniversary of Jesus Christ, to make dreams come true and especially to live in peace and happy. Welcome, December!

December bring what the other months have not brought: the 13th. Not only are the accounts up to date, but also the needs of the heart!

Welcome, December! It is not the last month, but another month of opportunities. Month of reflecting, correcting our mistakes and being better people for the new cycle that is coming.

The best month of the year has come: summer, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Holidays, Parties, Secret Friend, Gifts and Families gathered! That, this holiday season, you meet the biggest goals: be happy!

December, welcome! Enter and bring that feeling of something good coming and life well lived this year that flying!

Welcome, December! May this month’s magic spread for the coming year!

So, it’s December! In this month that begins, I just want God’s presence with me, in every step, every decision I make and every adversity I face.

Hello, December! They say the best is always for the end. Welcome!

New month, new day, new chapter, new page, but the desire is the same: May peace from Christmas reigns every day in our hearts! Welcome, December!

Welcome, December! Last month of the year, synonymous with closing, reflection, parties, vacation, and most important: the birth of Jesus. May this sweet wait for hope and light to our hearts!

The best season of the year is open! Come with everything, December, and bring incredible moments alongside those we love!

That all seeds launched throughout the year can be harvested in December! Welcome, last month!

Welcome, December! I hope for you more smiles and less tears. I hope you only bring good news. It can come!

December has arrived! May the message of faith and hope of Christmas renew our strengths to continue fighting for a true New Year.

Last but not least! Come with everything, December! May the goals not met this year do not prevent us from planning for the new cycle and living the best this season.

Start December with a smile, a good thought, with joy, a thank you. Waiting for the boy God, there is no mistake, the rest will work. Welcome, December!

Welcome, December! A month starting, a year almost ending. That we unwrap the joy of this wonderful time every day.

That Santa Claus arrives bringing good energies this month that begins. Welcome, December!

December has arrived! This is the month to light the fire of hospitality and charity in the heart. May you transmit peace and love to all those who approach you. Welcome!

Welcome, December! If the end of the year is coming, let’s put an end also in everything that does not make us move forward.

Welcome, December! May the Christmas spirit invade the hearts and fill them with hope for next year. May the end of this year be the restart with happiness as a goal!

Welcome, December! MONTH OF FESTIONS, GIFTS, FAMILY MEETING, SECRET FRIEND. Month of reflection. Last month of the year, let him come beyond all this, full of health, love, peace and blessings!

December has arrived! Is it too early to put the Christmas playlist? Feel free to advance my gifts, guys.

Welcome, December! May the joy of Christmas remain throughout the next cycle and that love is renewed every year of our coexistence.

December is already there, it’s time to see friends and be close to the family! Enjoy your December, enjoy the holiday season and all the parties! The future will be better!

Welcome, December! The year is not over yet. Great things are yet to come, I believe!

Welcome, December! Another year coming to an end. Thank you, Lord, for each deliverance, for health, for the food at the table. Thank you for making me win every trial. It was a difficult year, but with the grace of God, I won!

It is time to celebrate and thank the achievements, reflect on what has not worked and prepare for the new year coming. Welcome, December!

Suddenly, it’s already December … Welcome as beautiful as beautiful!

Welcome, December! Let it come wrapped as a gift in red ribbon bound stuck with peace, hope and faith.

Welcome, December! Restore our faith and hope on better days! May the greatest feeling be of peace for the duty accomplished, gratitude to God for all that we live and I start in the new cycle that is coming.

A month starting, a year almost ending and a heart full of plans to perform. Welcome, December!

Welcome, December! May God be my strength, my shield and my protection every day of this month, Amen.

Welcome, December! Month of victory, love, this is what we ask our Lord. Month of blessings, month of light. Month of peace, in the name of Jesus.

To end this cycle in style, December arrived with the summer heat, the tenderness of Christmas and the Furly Folia!

The year is ending, it’s already December. It’s time to reflect and see what we have improved in the ending year. It’s time to take the attitudes we don’t take. Welcome!

December is the month of summer, it’s the holiday month! Prepare beach laundry and broke the best season of the year!

It is December 1st and finally my decision not to remove Christmas lights from last year is worth it! May the biggest decoration at this time be the smile on your face.

Last month of this long year! May December start and end with the joy of plenty, fill our heart with hope and prepare us for a new chapter.

Welcome, December! That you bring smiles instead of pain, but also teach us lessons that we still need to learn.

January goals start in December. May the balance of the last month of the year reveal what we need to leave behind in order to move on!

Welcome, December! That the end of the year promote reflection, intimate transformation and inspire restarts.

It’s December … Time of optimism and hope. Believing is power! Believe in your dreams and have a beautiful end of the year.

Awaken the uncle of the pave that is in you! New Year’s Eve arrived to celebrate a year full of reasons to thank!

Welcome, December! This month I wish your days be happy, that your nights will be calm, that the blessings of the Lord are upon your family and not lack peace and love!

Welcome, December! May all the failures of this year prepare us to live an amazing new cycle!

If I cried or suffered, the important thing is that this year I survived. Calms calmly, December!

That this month the time spends just right of our needs, leaving room to realize delayed dreams! Welcome, December.

Welcome, beautiful month! One more cycle being overcome, thank God. December is the answer of our prayers, a real start for the amazing year to come!

we blink and December arrived. May the last month of the year be the first of a history of overcoming. Come with everything, month!

December has arrived! May the greatest gift be end this year with a renewed mood for the next cycle.

The best is even for the end, month for Sagittarius shine and show what came.

May all the December heat be a reflection of our hearts welcoming everything we live in and we will still live!

December comes to an end and with it the year also ends. It’s time to reflect everything you lived, take stock of the goals, recharge your energies to start over with soul lava and light heart.

Christmas, New Year, Gifts, Family and Friends… It is the festivities of this cycle closure that warms the heart with reflections, memories and good feelings, prepare everyone again for another year to approach.

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