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Love is a feeling that makes us happy. However, some situations can have the opposite effect and make us sad. It could be disappointment, a breakup, a broken heart or unrequited love. To help you overcome this pain, we made a selection of sad love quotes. Check it out and let your heart begin to heal!

Sad love quotes to express the pain that is stuck in your chest

My life won’t make sense without you near me.

Love does not always bring pleasure or joy, sometimes it comes full of disappointments and bitterness!

If you want to go, go. I won’t hold you any longer, I will suffer. If you want to go back, come back. I’ll always be here, but I won’t be the same!

Never disappoint someone who would do anything for you.

Love also has a sad side, when we give more than we can and receive less from it than we expected.

Love is for two, if you feel alone, you are not experiencing love, but unhappiness.

Love, when unrequited, turns all joys into sadness that hurts the soul.

There’s no point running away, sooner or later love will make you suffer, cry over and over again.

The sea took a tear from me. When I find it, I will stop loving you.

In life there are mistakes we make and truths we don’t know. Between mistakes and truths, I loved you. Maybe it was my only mistake and my only truth.

It is no coincidence that love rhymes with pain.

Regret and the sad inability of not being able to go back and change my attitudes suffocate me every day.

There are people who hurt others, there are people who don’t know how to love, there are people who deceive us, look at our life as it is.

I was so disappointed in you. It’s so sad to remember who you were and who you became.

I still remember what I felt when you said goodbye to me. And every time I think about it, it hurts like I’m living it all over again.

I hope sadness convinces you that longing doesn’t make up for it and that absence doesn’t give peace.

When a man loses his great love, he remembers everything he left behind.

You may not know the pain you caused me when you broke my heart, but I will never forget the pain I felt.

Whoever doesn’t come out of themselves will die without loving anyone…

Love is like poison. It’s sweet and kills us slowly.

It’s funny how someone can break your heart and you still love them with all the broken pieces.

If there is so much color and so much love in the world, why should I waste time on sadness and unhappiness?

Love does not exist. It’s just a sad waltz that you insist on wanting to dance.

I hate loving you!

Love is only good in soap operas, because in real life it’s all an illusion.

It hurts to pretend that I forgot you.

There are so many disappointments that I no longer know if I will ever be able to love again.

Yes, it’s really good to love, it’s bad to know that who you love doesn’t love you!

Sad is the deceived heart, the one that lived in illusion in love.

Maybe if my heart stops beating it won’t hurt as much.

It’s so hard to have to be away from the people you most want to be close to.

The misfortune of not having you anymore has shattered my heart. How sad it is not to be by your side!

My heart is in pieces and whoever can put them together no longer cares about me.

I want a love that makes me feel free, but your love imprisons me.

Nothing is sadder than loving someone whose heart only has indifference to offer us.

There is nothing sadder than struggling to forget a great love.

The disappointment in your eyes says it all. I am sorry my love. I don’t want to see you this sad ever again.

You think you will never forget, and you forget. You think this pain will never go away, but it does. You think everything is eternal, but it’s not.

Sometimes, a look reveals all the sadness we carry in our chest and we can’t even hide it from those who caused it.

It’s a shame that sometimes it’s necessary to suffer with love in order to be more careful with our choices.

We have a habit of wanting to get out of our heads what’s in our hearts.

Longing hurts my heart, the absence of those we love hurts so much!

This love that marks us so much, left only scars of suffering in my soul.

Love begins when a person feels alone and ends when a person wants to be alone.

Love is like elastic: the first one to let go, hurts the other.

Love is not even having love. It’s the disappointment of what we thought was love.

I know how difficult it is to wake up and fall asleep with a heart wounded by love.

One of the saddest things about the end of a relationship is knowing that little by little we die in the conscience of the one we once loved.

Love is over between us but it remains alive in my heart and reveals itself with every tear I shed.

Each of my tears has its name.

Never run after someone who can’t do it, nor would they ever take a step for you.

Love does not rhyme with pain by chance: they are both linked at the time of lack, of sadness, of the end.

It’s hard when you ignore me, but it’s even harder when I have to pretend I don’t care.

An unrequited love turned my passionate heart into a broken heart.

Your first love is not the first person you give your heart to: it is the first person who breaks it.

Nothing better to heal a sad heart than expressing what you are feeling. Check out our broken heart quotes and open your heart!

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