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Everyone goes through disappointment, but it is such a painful and distressing feeling that no one wants to experience. Therefore, to face and ease your heart, the best way is to let your feelings out. So, for you to express yourself on your social networks, check out the disappointment quotes for status full of lessons that teach you how to deal with it!

Disappointment quotes for status that express your heartaches

I’m tired of apologizing to people I know will hurt me again.

Filled with expectations, overflowing with disappointments.

I am much bigger than my disappointments and all the falls I’ve already taken. I may fall, but I can get up!

I want to stay away from disappointment.

Our greatest successes come after our greatest disappointments.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

In the school of life, disappointment is one of the best disciplines in learning to become strong.

Disappointment is a mountain with a gift at the top, suicide is the escape of imbeciles.

And the award for biggest disappointment of the year goes to… Me. Congratulations on being so blind.

Disappointment teaches us that life is also about trial and error.

Expecting less does not mean giving up. Better to be surprised than disappointed.

Love the impossible, because it is the only thing that cannot disappoint you.

You will never be free from disappointments, so make friends with them.

It’s painful to trust someone and then see their mask fall.

Don’t disappoint me, I can’t always forgive. Don’t wait to lose me to miss me.

At the first pain, I should have gotten rid of you.

Disappointment is the price we pay for expecting too much from others.

Never expect too much from luck or others, in the end, there is no one who will not disappoint you.

I accept everything, except being disappointed again, because this is too painful.

Disappointments taught me not to care about people who treat me as a last option.

It’s sad when friends become enemies, but the worst is when they become strangers.

Despite the pain, I thank you for disappointing me a little.

If disappointment teaches, I’m tired of learning.

Don’t allow disappointment to bring you down, but let the mission keep you going.

It won’t do any good for me to express my disappointment if you don’t understand your own attitudes.

Disappointment doesn’t kill, it teaches you how to live.

I’m all love, I’m all affection, but I’m also all disappointment.

The price of disappointment is leaving your heart in pieces, pieces that will never return to their place without leaving marks.

So I walked away with my disappointment and I’m never going back.

Memories of you were only marked by disappointments.

Disappointment is receiving ingratitude from those you helped to strengthen.

Let go of those who don’t value you, don’t respect you and only know how to bring disappointment.

Today it hurts, tomorrow it goes away, don’t worry, disappointment doesn’t kill.

Often, being alone is necessary, it keeps people, problems and disappointments away.

Heart status: disappointed, broken and hopeless.

Only disappointment for my heart, reckless cupid without direction, without direction.

Ingratitude and disappointment go together.

Head on the moon and glass in hand, every sip is a disappointment.

Love and disappointment live in the same heart.

Disappointment hurts, hurts, kills… and worse when it comes from oneself!

Fear, disappointment, sadness, anger are just feelings, they are just moments and moments come to an end.

You will pay the fine for disappointment, you ran the red light, you ran over my heart.

Before you disappoint me, put yourself in my shoes.

Maybe people won’t disappoint me. Maybe the problem is me, because I expect too much from them.

Enemies do not betray, they only cause disappointment. Only friends betray.

Of all the disappointments I’ve had in life, yours was the worst. It must be because I expected too much. I saw what I wanted you to be.

Pain comes in double doses when it comes from the person we trust with our heart and soul.

Which is better: living a life disappointed in the world, or living a life disappointed in the world?

I’m disappointed, yes! I’ll give up? Never! Limits teach me the starting point.

Disappointments in life are like speed bumps – things you have to overcome in order to enjoy the rest of the journey.

People like me suffer more, are more disappointed. On the other hand, we have grown. We evolve. We mature.

At your worst, I was your best. At my worst, you disappeared.

Often, we trust others too much, and in the end, they end up acting with gossip and falsehood. So, to keep these people out of your life, check out our thoughtful quotes about disappointment with friends!

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