50 spiritualist quotes of comfort that alleviate suffering through faith | messages, wishes and quotes

Humanity does not live only from happy and lively situations! There are difficult moments and you need to learn how to deal with them in the best way. They may be linked to the loss of a loved one, frustrated plans or fear of the future. To find calm through faith, check out spiritist quotes of comfort that speak to the heart!

Spiritual quotes of comfort to bring peace in the midst of pain

Death is not the end, it is just a stage that ends to begin a new one full of challenges.

Love for others should never end, it is what comforts us, even when we no longer share the same plane with those we love.

We pass through Earth for the evolution of our spirit, therefore, we also experience suffering, because it makes us grow.

With each test passed, with each stage completed, our spirit becomes wiser and more evolved.

May our faith comfort our spirit and help us see clearly the path that opens before us.

That in the midst of difficulties, our spirit finds the strength it needs to overcome them.

When we lose someone special, we are sure that we will find them again on our journey, whether in this life or in the next.

The path you choose is yours. It is there that you will learn the lessons your spirit needs to evolve.

May the pain of separation not stop you from continuing to seek your evolution and may you never forget that you will still be reunited with those you love.

Those who left are still close to us, watching over us and hoping that we find our path of evolution and wisdom.

It is in the understanding that life is fleeting that we find the strength to learn everything it has to teach us.

Our life is made up of new pages that open day after day and offer us the opportunity to chart our own path.

We need to overcome our own limits so that our spirit has the freedom to evolve and reach its maximum wisdom.

Every difficulty has a positive side, every pain has a lesson. We just need to learn to look at each of them that way.

Discouragement cannot hold us back forever. Don’t stop walking and at some point he will fall behind.

It is the prayer that helps us in difficulties and that shows us more clearly what we can do in our lives.

Hope is what puts us on the right path to overcome our pain and continue fulfilling our mission on Earth.

Don’t complain too much, act more, do more good, and you’ll have more reasons to be grateful than to complain.

Love comforts our hearts and eases our pain when everything seems difficult and complicated.

Love shows us the direction we should follow when we experience moments of difficulty.

Bad moments should not be wasted. They teach us lessons that contribute to the evolution of our spirit.

Don’t listen to chance. Listen to your heart, ask for direction through prayer and find your path.

Prayer brings comfort to the heart, raises our vibrations and makes us wiser.

Seek comfort in the spiritist faith and in the teachings that everything produces a lesson for the evolution of our spirit.

All the holes in our soul can be plugged with our faith when we cling to good and perform acts of kindness.

Our comfort is knowing that death does not end everything, but opens doors to new beginnings.

The pain of homesickness is eased by knowing that a spirit only leaves Earth when it completes its mission during that time.

At each time, we will have different experiences, different knowledge and all of them are valid for our spiritual evolution.

Comfort can come from unity, longing and the knowledge that life doesn’t end here.

During the pain, focus on what you will learn when it passes and how strong you will be after that moment.

Pain is not your enemy. She is by your side to teach you how strong your spirit can be.

Every moment we spend is valid for building who we are and strengthening our spirit.

Always carry love in your heart, because it is our comfort in every situation.

On the edge of discouragement there is only one way to be well, which takes us forward.

You are free to make your decisions and chart your path. Always choose good, love and evolution.

Don’t waste time questioning what you’re going through. Use your time to face challenges head on.

Whether they are good or bad times, we need to live them, taking advantage of them to learn as much as we can.

Everything on Earth is temporary, we shouldn’t fear pain believing that it will never end, because it will.

When love directs our decisions, our actions and our paths, everything falls into place.

Love and faith are liberating. Let your spirit be free.

Men sow on Earth what they will reap in spiritual life: the fruits of their courage or their weakness.

From the womb to the tomb, we live in a school, so what you call problems are lessons.

Life does not end with the death of the physical body.

Be born, die, be reborn again and always progress, such is the law.

Death is only the destruction of the body and not the perispirit, which separates from the body when organic life ceases in it.

Everything in life can be started again so that the law of progress and improvement is fulfilled in all directions.

Only laughter, love and pleasure deserve revenge. The rest is more than a waste of time… it’s a waste of life!

While no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new ending.

Death is a simple change of clothes, we are what we are. After the tomb, we find nothing but paradise or hell created by ourselves.

Good deeds are the best prayer, which is why actions are worth more than words.

May your spirit find peace even in the midst of chaos! To continue learning about your faith, check out quotes by Chico Xavier that are full of great teachings and good vibes.

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