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Nothing in this life happens by chance. If you also believe this, you know that even bad things teach us something. Gratitude recognizes the bad moments and exudes happiness in the good ones, being one of the noblest feelings there is.

So, we made a list of gratitude quotes for life that will make you understand how beautiful and precious it is to be grateful for everything we have, live and are. Just take a look!

quotes of gratitude to life that demonstrate this beautiful feeling

Always be grateful for another day.

I thank life for the people it has placed in my path.

I feel deep gratitude to life, because I have wonderful, true and eternal friends.

Maybe your day today wasn’t the best, but you still won. Give thanks!

The light of a new day invades my soul and my heart is flooded with joy and gratitude!

Life is a true blessing that we receive.

Gratitude to close a cycle and joy to receive what is coming.

Gratitude is recognizing that life is a gift.

And at the end of each day I offer God my gratitude.

Peace in the soul, love in the heart and gratitude for life.

I deliver, trust, accept and thank you.

Every day is a day to be grateful.

Gratitude transforms what we have into enough.

You have to be grateful daily.

For every urge to complain, think of a reason to be grateful.

Gratitude changes everything!

Realize and be grateful for the amount of good things that surround you.

The habit of giving thanks releases the flow of receiving.

Gratitude restores the colors of life.

A grateful heart sees many blessings.

I remember the day I asked for things I have today.

Gratitude makes everything so good that there is no room for bad things.

Gratitude generates gratitude.

A heart full of gratitude is a magnet that only attracts good things.

Gratitude for what I have already received. Gratitude for what I’m receiving. Gratitude for what I will receive.

Gratitude is when the soul says thank you.

Gratitude is recognizing that life is a gift.

I don’t know what it will be like from now on, but I’m just grateful for what I’ve experienced so far.

I thank chance for bringing you to me.

Gratitude is a love letter that we send to the universe.

Gratitude for everything, life!

Gratitude for everything life has given me.

Difficult paths lead you to incredible destinations. Give thanks!

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

Recognition is good, but gratitude is incredible.

May my gratitude to life not be limited to the good moments.

Gratitude is a feeling of love that lifts the spirit and unites us with God.

I am overflowing with pride, joy and gratitude for getting where I am.

Show gratitude for all the affection you receive, because those who love us do not last forever.

Gratitude trusts in the past and love in the present.

Life teaches you that nothing lasts forever and, somehow, you become grateful for that.

Gratitude is the secret. Both for the good things that happened, and for the things that in the end became lessons.

Gratitude is when you, even in the face of a whirlwind of problems, are still grateful for having health, lucidity, faith and strength to continue.

Gratitude for life and faith in the journey.

If you look closely at the details of life, you will find more reasons to be grateful than to complain.

Of all the ingredients in life, gratitude is the sweetest.

Dream, live and be grateful every day.

No regrets, just learnings. No worries, just acceptance. No expectations, just gratitude. Life is too short!

I’m not perfect and neither is my life, but for everything I am and have I feel deep gratitude!

Gratitude is knowing how to recognize what has been experienced and move forward with an open heart.

Gratitude really is one of the most beautiful feelings there is, isn’t it? How about continuing to see more quotes of gratitude for life to share with all the people you love!? Keep being grateful and give off good energy!

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