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There is no ready-made roadmap that guides us along the paths of life, which is why it is made up of ups and downs that can bewilder us and make us give up. In moments of hopelessness, we need to find what makes us continue to believe. That’s why we selected incredible quotes of faith and hope that will motivate you to keep fighting. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

Short quotes of faith and hope

Maintaining motivation and the desire to continue is not easy, but it is necessary. Focus on your dreams with the short faith and hope quotes below and don’t give up on what you believe in!

Hope motivates us to feed and fuel our faith.

And when we believe, even fear is transformed into faith.

As long as you live in this world, there is some hope.

And may I never, ever, at any time stop having faith. Amen.

Starting over is characteristic of those who have faith and hope in life.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.

Always look ahead so as not to lose faith and hope!

Love is the most powerful weapon to not lose faith and hope.

One day, everything will work out… Have faith!

It is God who renews my faith and hope every day.

quotes of faith and hope in God

God is Almighty and when we place our dreams in His lap, He takes care and does not let us become discouraged. See how to keep your faith unshakable and your hope intense with the quotes we selected below:

I learned to have hope that my God will do the best for me and my life!

This hope keeps our lives safe and firm, just as the anchor keeps the boat safe.

Keep your eyes upward and let God supply you with faith and hope!

I never get discouraged because I know that God feeds my life with faith and hope!

Pray, trust and wait. God is watching over you.

God’s timing is perfect. Don’t be discouraged or let anything shake your faith and hope for better days.

God specializes in new beginnings, trust!

My first prayer in the morning is for God to fill my heart with faith and hope!

Wait on God with great faith. Your action is perfect and will happen at the right time.

What God has for you is wonderful, trust and always move forward.

quotes of faith and hope for healing

Our pain can blind us and prevent us from seeing healing. To encourage you not to give up and help you see beyond what hurt you, we selected quotes of faith and hope for healing, check it out:

Forgiveness renews our faith, brings us hope and heals our pain.

It is in pain that God is most present. It is in suffering that He shows His power. It is in silence that He heals us. Keep the faith and don’t be discouraged!

Your pain does not represent you, it is temporary because God will heal you, you just need to keep hope!

Part of the healing process is believing and hoping that it will happen.

God will take away what hurts you and provide your healing. Have faith and hope!

Continue believing and feeding your faith with hope that, at the right time, healing will come.

Trust! The hand of God heals places where medicine is unable to reach.

May healing come from small acts of love, hope and faith.

The good thing about life is that nothing lasts forever. The pain will pass, wait with a heart full of faith and hope!

There is nothing that God cannot heal, wait and trust in His power!

quotes of faith and hope for better days

When everything is difficult, we tend to fail to focus on the fact that the best is yet to come. Don’t let challenging situations make you lose faith and hope. See our quotes below and renew your strength!

I know that if I wait and trust, better days will come!

May we have faith to win. May we have the courage to never give up. May we have hope for better days.

Don’t let disappointment make you give up, believe that better days are ahead of you.

Have faith, bad days build better days.

Whenever you find yourself in a difficult moment, look to your faith and hope for better days.

May the sparkle in my eyes never fade and may I never lose faith in better days.

Falling is part of life, what I can’t lose is the faith that everything will get better.

Better days are always ahead. Renew your hope and keep persisting until you reach them.

Raise your eyes and look to the future. Better days are waiting for us, we cannot lose faith.

Someday it will work. If it’s not the way we dream, it will be a much better way.

quotes of faith and hope in life

Having faith in life means having hope that our journey will be full of victories, despite the challenges. Check out our quotes and see how to keep your eyes sparkling.

May hope in life be my motivation to be happy.

Having faith is having hope that one day everything will work out, while enjoying every moment of life.

If you want your life to have a new meaning and a new flavor, put faith, put hope and put love.

Carry faith in your heart and your path through life will always be illuminated by hope.

Life is not always colorful, but faith and hope make us see colors in gray moments.

Add small doses of faith and hope in life and find happiness in small achievements.

We need to rescue our faith and hope in life to never give up on our dreams.

For those who have faith, life never ends.

Life goes by very quickly, so we cannot lose faith and hope in living it to the fullest!

I just ask God not to let me lose my faith and hope in life!

When we fill our hearts with faith and hope, our daily lives become lighter and more energized. See our positive energy quotes and face situations with more optimism.

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