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Pride is a feeling that must be moderated, as, in excess, it can destroy relationships and drive people away. However, when it’s a pride in someone you love or something you’ve done, it’s totally worth it. With this in mind, we made a selection of pride quotes. Check it out and choose your favorite to share with your friends!

Straight to the point:

Self-pride quotes

Feeling proud of ourselves and of some of our achievements is very good. Celebrate your small achievements and who you are. Check out our list of self-pride quotes and love yourself a little more!

Learning to put yourself first is not selfishness or pride. It’s self-love.

It is a source of pride to know that everything I have achieved is the result of my efforts.

A heart full of self-love does not accept a visit from any other feeling.

Don’t apologize for being who you are.

The greatest coward is the one who hides behind pride to escape from himself.

I’ve fallen a few times and now I proudly show all the scars I gained, because they made me stronger.

It wasn’t always like this, but today I feel proud when I see my reflection in the mirror!

Pride doesn’t want duty and self-love doesn’t want to pay.

The pride of little ones lies in always talking about themselves. The great one in never talking about himself.

I’m proud of who I am. To fight for all my dreams without forgetting those who always supported me.

quotes of pride and love

Pride can get in the way of love, as it can be accompanied by many other feelings that prevent things from flowing easily. See our quotes and reflect on your actions.

Where there is pride, it is difficult for love to exist.

Pride doesn’t let us forgive. Pride doesn’t let us say we still love.

Don’t let pride be greater than love, let doubt make you lose, let feelings remain silent. Dare to take risks!

Don’t let pride speak louder than your heart.

When love fills the heart, it leaves no room for anything else. Neither to hatred, nor to resentment, nor to pride.

I’m proud of my heart, it’s been broken, betrayed, trampled on, mistreated and it still works.

Pride is the poison of any state of love or friendship.

True love is one in which there is no pride, as there is no room for anything else but love.

The last love that abandons man is that combined with pride.

Pride leads us to do things well. But it is love that leads us to do them perfectly.

quotes about wounded pride

The problem with pride is that it can get hurt easily and leave us hurt. Be very careful not to suffer too much. Take a look at our wounded pride quotes and reflect.

Every hurt is wounded pride.

I’d rather have my vanity hurt than my pride.

It is more difficult to hurt our vanity precisely when our pride has been hurt.

Sometimes pride ruins so many things.

Hurt pride is more dangerous than injured interests.

It turns out that I regretted it, and when I found the courage to hurt my pride and run after it, it was too late.

She has a hurt heart, wounded pride, fear at her side, everything is messed up, forced smile, head on the moon, but with faith and fight, she overcomes everything.

Small conflicts, no matter how harmless they may seem, increase wounded pride and precede the end of relationships.

What stops you from forgiving is not the attitude of the person who hurt you, but rather your pride, which has been torn apart.

Sometimes we have to hurt our pride to achieve our true goal.

Proud Son quotes

A father and a mother are very proud when their child follows good paths and pursues their dreams. See quotes about your son being proud and tell your son how proud you are of him.

Son, my heart is filled with pride to see you healthy and so full of life.

The smile of a father who is proud of his son is one of the most incredible things in the world.

I am proud of the children I have and I will protect them above anything. I won’t let any harm come to them!

If you want a son to be your pride, it’s up to you to set an example so that he can follow you.

A father or mother’s pride in a child’s victory is sometimes just a tear that simply expresses everything.

Son, you were my best gift. I’m very happy to share this moment in your life and to see that you achieved what you worked for so hard.

My children are my pride, my life and the biggest and most important reason I get up every morning.

I hope my children are good people and don’t forget the values ​​I taught them. May they continue to make me proud over the years!

Everything in my life is for them! My children, my pride, I want you so much to be happy, and I will do everything possible to make that happen!

I taught my children with love and did everything right for them. I know that they will follow the best paths in this life and will only make me proud!

Proud quotes for status

Use your status to share quotes that represent what you think. Check out our reflections on pride and post on your social network.

I feel proud to know that I am who I want to be.

Pride divides men, humility unites them.

Pride devours itself.

Too much pride rots the virtues of the soul!

When you leave pride aside and decide to do what your soul wants, you are truly happy.

Close some doors. Not because of pride or arrogance, but because they no longer lead anywhere.

It’s scary the way two people don’t know each other because of pride.

The bad thing about pride is that we never know if it’s stopping us from being stupid or from being happy.

Your convictions may change, but never lose pride in them.

Too little pride is submission. Too much pride is arrogance.

And when your big wins happen, don’t be afraid to be proud and celebrate. Check out our selection of winner quotes and celebrate all your achievements!

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