50 messages of support for you to extend a helping hand to anyone in need

Good friends remain with us when we are well and also when we are not in our best days. When something bad happens, having someone we love on our side giving us strength is the best way to face that situation and not to be discouraged.

So pay attention if any friend is in need of you, extend your hand and show that you trust that they will be able to go through it. Your support at this moment is essential and will help you see that he is not alone.

Therefore, we made a list of support quotes for you to know what to say in these difficult times. Your partner will be happy to know that you worry and a message like this will make his day much better!

Support and Strength Quotes

As strong as we try to look like other people, we all face difficult situations in life and need support from friends and family at these times. We have selected support and strength quotes for you to encourage your friend who is in a bad phase!

If you keep the focus on the goal and faith in the heart, the strength will never miss and the victory will be guaranteed.

Always go on and if you need strength, look to the side and I’ll be there cheering for you.

You are strong and have a lot of capabilities, but if you lack energy or anything else, know that I’m here for you, what you need.

Believing is the force that allows us to climb the greatest steps on the ladder of life.

Everything recovers if in heart there is strength and thought faith and courage.

Look for the strength that exists in your heart and make yourself a great warrior.

Never doubt that you have the strength necessary to overcome any difficulty.

You are much stronger than you think and only in difficult times like this will you discover the courage you have.

There is no impossible, but proof of fire that will only be overcome with strength and determination.

When luck, motivation or hope is missing, remember the power of your strength!

God’s support quotes

Seeking support from God is a great way to face our head problems erected without fear of failing. Check out our selection with God’s support quotes and share it with someone who needs the Lord to act in your life!

God always listens to an distressed heart. Deliver yours into his hands and trust the victory.

God will always be by your side, for He never forsakes those who have faith and a heart full of value like yours.

Rest on God, he is taking care of you. Nothing can hurt you!

If God has filled your life with obstacles, it is because He believes in your ability to go through each one.

Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged or despair, for those who are just and have God in the heart knows that the reward will always be superior to pain.

God, cheer up this girl! When her strength is lost, she teaches that yours is infinite.

Our weaknesses teach us to support us in the strength of God.

Have strength and never get discouraged by obstacles, for with faith you overcome all.

If God is our strength, our help, our help, we should not fear or discourage. If God helps us, we will make it. You will get it!

Never forget that God is by your side and will fight with you, for He loves everyone and wants us to triumph!

Support and incentive quotes

It is very gratifying to realize that we have people who support us and encourage us to fight for what we believe. So show your friends that, just as they are always by your side, you will be with them giving the motivation they need. Check out our list with support and incentive quotes and choose the most touching!

insist, persist, but never give up, because one day you win!

Don’t give up, go ahead. There is always a chance for you to stumble on something wonderful. I have never heard of anyone who had stumbled upon something while sitting.

Never say “I can’t”. Yes you can, just have willpower and faith.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always fight.

Have faith and confidence in you! Past errors you can’t erase, but the word impossible you can get from your vocabulary.

Dreams exist to be realized, so do not look back, nor listen to words of discouragement.

A great journey always starts with a small step.

The body reaches what the mind believes.

All those who believe and work on their wishes, suddenly come across a mountain of achievements.

Don’t let your fears deprive you of the amazing life you deserve to have.

Emotional Support Quotes

Much of our strength is in our emotional. We need to be very emotionally so that all other areas of our lives also work. See below, emotional support quotes for you to help that friend who is discouraged. You will make a difference in his life!

Don’t be discouraged, be stronger than life and continue, because I know you will get

You are stronger than you think and will be happier than you think.

Why be afraid, if we can have the strength and courage to overcome any challenge?

The only way to reach the impossible is to believe that it is possible.

When everything around you seems to crumble, think that your fortress is inside your heart.

Leave your hopes, not your pain shape your future.

Don’t wait for the future to be happy, make the present your joy.

Only you can determine your limitations, so don’t give up even if everything seems lost.

This phrase was written for you to remember every day to be proud of you.

If it is to change, change the only person worthwhile: you.

Support Quotes for Sad Friend

You can’t explain the pain of seeing a friend going through a difficult time. So tell him that he will have his friendly shoulder to whatever he needs and that you will face it together! See our selection with supportive quotes for sad friend and help you go through this!

Do not be carried away by discouragement and never allow an obstacle to prevent you from achieving success.

One day everything is over, so believe that this bad moment will come to an end soon!

I will take care of you. I will protect you, make you smile, understand you, hear you. I will dry any tear that dare to fall. I will divert all the evil from your thinking. I’ll be with you all the time.

This difficult moment will pass and you will come out stronger: fight and have faith!

The time is of sadness, but believe that joy will return to your beautiful heart.

Sometimes bad things happen in our lives to put us toward the best things we could live.

When it is difficult to look back and be afraid to look forward, look at the side that I will be with you.

You might even think everything broke and nothing more will be as before, but know that if you need, I will glue a little piece of your heart. Be strong, I’m with you!

In this hour of pain, I ask God to comfort your heart and grant you the strength necessary to overcome this moment.

Although there is night in my heart, it is worth smiling so that there are stars in the dark.

You have shown yourself a friend and so much sharing a support message to your companions. Also check out our list with incentive quotes not to let them be discouraged never!

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