50 messages of strength from God that will renew faith in your heart

Between ups and downs, affections and disaffected, events and situations life can weaken. In the hurry with which it happens and in everyday chaos, it is likely that faith decreases and that the force runs out. Thinking about it, we select citations of strength with God to invigorate your energies and rekindle the flame of faith that exists in your heart. Check it out!

Quotations of strength with God to express your love and devotion to the Creator

The God of the impossible is the one who renews my strength every day.

With the strength Christ gives me, I can face any situation.

You are my shelter, my strong tower, rock that saves me, my safe place. I know you love me, and I love you too. I found rest, to my soul in you.

My strength is anchored in God.

Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid or be terrified because of them, for the Lord, your God, go with you; will never leave them, never abandon them.

become increasingly strong, living together with the Lord and receiving the strength of his great power.

With God, I feel strong and safe. I know he will never help me.

I give them strength and help them; I protect them with my strong hand.

Nothing can shake me. Nothing can defeat me, because my strength and victory is Jesus!

The presence of God offers strength to those who are weak, and courage to those who are afraid.

Your grace covers my fears. Your strong hand will guide me. If I’m surrounded by fear, you are faithful, you will never fail.

Although my mind and body weaken, God is my strength, He is all I always need.

God renews strength in my heart.

When we learn to believe God’s will for our lives, we gain strength to overcome any obstacle.

You are the strength of my life. Come whatever comes I will survive!

God is my strength, my hope and my joy. Without him, I’m nothing!

The most powerful force? Faith in God.

It is so bad that it appears, saddens me, but your hand comes as a shield bringing me peace.

You can be strong alone, but it will be unbeatable with God!

Knowing that God is with us, we can face every challenge in life with a firm step towards success, instead of declining towards despair.

When it all says that “no,” your voice encourages me to proceed.

The strength that people see in me is the presence of God in my life.

God strengthens me to fight for my impossible.

To the tiredness he gives new strength and fills the weak.

I will pass through the valley of dry bones without discouraging, for my strength and hope are in God!

The Lord is my fortress!

He is my strong refuge and protects me wherever I go.

God renews our courage, strength and hope every morning.

I found my strength in God and in His infinite grace and mercy.

and yet God still gives me the strength to wipe all my tears and smile.

Lord, take care of my mind and body, and give me the strength and ability to live a life in obedience to you.

The God who strengthens you is the same who gives you the victory. Trust!

I am strong, for I have faith and God dwells in me!

I supply the challenges and obstacles of life with faith in God. He is my strength!

If I still have the strength to fight, it is because my faith in Christ is!

My strength is in you, my God who never fails, my God is my wall. I know I won’t fall and I won’t give up, because he supports me and makes me win.

I lift my eyes to heaven, and I do a prayer … That’s where my strength comes from there.

It is God who supports me when I feel I no longer have the strength to proceed.

But those who trust the Lord always receive new strengths. Fly at the heights like eagles, run and do not lose their strength, walk and do not get tired.

It is in our fragility that God shows His strength and power.

The Word of God is what supplies me with strength.

I have a god who won’t let this fight kill me.

Strengthen me, Lord, for without you I cannot proceed.

and even knowing our weaknesses and failures, God enables us, gives us strength and makes us winner.

O Lord God, how I love you! You are my strength.

Keep your strength and hope in God, and nothing can shake you.

My strength comes from the Lord.

When the world falls around me, your arms hold me. When the world falls around me, you are hope for me. When the world falls around me and the forces go, I find shelter in you.

The strength of a man is to discover the way God is walking, and treading that way.

I may not be strong, but my God is!

Faith strengthens, there is no doubt! Now to have faith, you have to trust and deliver everything into the hands of the Creator. Strengthen your faith with these quotes from God in command that we also separate and show who controls your life!

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