50 messages of sadness in the soul to express the intensity of your pain

Whoever gave life was made only of joy. Unfortunately, this is not a truth and the pain can come with both feet on our chest. But we need to allow ourselves to be sad, live our process and then open to healing. Therefore, we select quotes of sadness in the soul that will help you and scare such unhappiness. Check it out!

Quotations of sadness in the soul that will relieve your suffering

Sadness lodges in the soul and decides that it will be there. The pain spreads to the body and there is nothing I can do.

I hurt to know that meant everything to me and nothing to you. It is as if they cut a piece of my soul.

Sadness erodes my soul, slowly killing me, leaving me unwilling to live or try to be happy.

I don’t even know what makes me that anymore. I just know that sadness has taken over me and I can’t do anything else.

You took a piece of me, and it was the most important, it was a piece of my soul. Now I am the very definition of sadness.

There is a difficult pain to overcome that is to be hurt by the person we love the most.

When the soul is sad, the smile does not come out, even when it is forced.

The memory of the soul never forgets a pain, it decreases with intensity, but never really goes.

Sadness in the soul hurts all over the body. It’s like a disease that seems to have no cure.

By far people can notice how down I am. And I don’t even make a point of hiding, because the pain is greater than anything.

One day we reveal our sad side to everyone, because it gets tired of hiding that we are not well.

Sadness makes time slowly pass and forces you to deal with the pain that is in your soul, in your heart and all your body.

I have the right to live my sadness when I’m not well. I have the right not to be well all the time.

One hour pain passes, but it is impossible to get closer to the person who caused you so much suffering.

I won’t cry anymore, I will paste the pieces of my soul that broke and start my life, with or without sadness.

As much as the sadness of your soul is, it will pass. She will not be your mate forever, because one day will tire of making you suffer.

How many times have I thought about giving up everything because I couldn’t stand this sadness anymore in my soul.

May sadness not take long to pass and may you smile with your lips, soul and heart.

Neither the smile appears anymore, it is so sad that I have no desire to do anything else.

If you look deep in my eyes, you will understand why I can’t smile. My soul is sad and prevents me from being happy.

The deep sadness in my soul has taken over my heart. I feel that I will never be able to love again.

My soul fell ill, I can no longer have hopes, I can no longer wait for the best.

The worst thing that happened to me was this apathy about life while suffering from deeper pain in my soul.

There is no remedy to cure the pain of the soul, but we can try to have small joys during life to soften suffering.

The worst thing that the soul’s sadness can do is to take the belief that there is still hope.

The sadness that hurts the most is the one that no one realizes and we cannot express.

I hope that when the sun goes on, also take the pain that is keeping my soul company.

Despite the sadness in your soul, remember that God can heal your heart and return your joy.

Gradually, we realize that it is not worth suffering for those who do not deserve and the soul will break free from this weight.

A hurt heart, a sad soul, a forced smile, this is my routine.

The world loses its color when we are sad. At the moment he seems to be too full of people and problems.

Everything seems to collapse in me and I have no strength to hold this pain that insists on flooding me.

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

My sadness is intense and deep at the same time. It is a pain in the soul that insists on staying here.

Joy opens, sadness closes the heart.

How sad is sadness begging a smile…

One day I still smile again and be happy, but it won’t be now.

If my eyes showed my soul, all when they see me smile, they would cry with me.

I cried an entire ocean tonight, I needed to empty.

cry, because tears take the sorrows away, even if it’s a little at a time.

How much sadness there is in this life. Just uncertainty, just farewell…

Sadness also causes disease.

Bad moments pass, in the meantime, live their sadness without losing hope that one hour she leaves.

There is nothing better for a soul than to make another soul less sad.

The soul resists much more easily to the most vivid pains than prolonged sadness.

While the tears fall, they make room for the smile. Sadness will become joy once again.

How the disease occurs in the body, so sadness occurs in the Spirit.

One hour to hurt, because we forget that it went through such a horrible situation.

If I didn’t have the ability to forget, I would feel this pain in my soul forever.

In the deepest of my soul, I just wanted to cry, but I needed to keep living as if nothing had happened.

Allow this sadness to leave your life and you really smile again. Keep fighting your pain with the help of our quotes of everything goes by!

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