50 messages from the favela that inspire boldness and resistance

home of thousands of Brazilians, slums are the most unique in the country. Full of culture, art and identity, the hills, from which great artists such as Zeca Pagodinho and Ludmilla came out, pass over prejudice and teach about pride, joy and resilience in the face of adversity. Next, check out favela quotes to honor the communities of Brazil!

Favela Quotes to honor this experience

The slum is in the blood that runs in my veins and this is my greatest pride.

favela that saw me born, I open my chest and sing love for you.

and in the favela has happiness even in difficulty.

The people of the favela are warrior. It is our sweat that enriches the asphalt.

I came back your smile, slum. Light and loose to sing. Never forget how beautiful your peace is, gives strength to continue.

The candlelight just one more in a slum shack. Almost needy, armed to the tooth of good poetry.

favela is synonymous with resilience!

You have to believe the favela, because that’s where the dream of building a better life for everyone is born.

Without money there are few choices. The slum in the slum lives inside a bubble. The slum in the favela lives and survives in it.

Today I live on the asphalt, but I will always honor the slum that created me.

The hill also has its rights. Respect the favela!

When this one is released from here, no one gets still, came down from the favela to asphalt. When the DJ releases the beat, the ball catches fire and goes out dominating the whole world.

I keep my essence of creation, because without it I would not get where I am today.

Whether on the slum or asphalt, the sun shines to everyone!

Look at the favela at the height. I told you that this suffocation would one day end. We circumvent all this lack of opportunity!

Contrary to popular belief, the favela is not only made of errors, but also of survival attempts.

Even in the midst of so much injustice and marginalization, the favela continues smiling.

Downing for the asphalt is never easy. Who is down there always wants to be superior to the people of the hill.

Family, a advice: do not give up on your dreams. The favela will win!

The favela has never been marginal stronghold. She only has humble people, marginalized and this truth doesn’t go out in the newspaper.

I just want to be happy! Walk quietly in the favela where I was born and be able to be proud, and have the conscience that the poor have his place.

Favela is not only made of crime and violence, but also hard work and a lot of joy.

The slum is my peace, my family, my home, my joy!

Being slum is to be a flag soldier, suspect on both sides without fear of anything.

While the slum is marginalized by the population, there is much to fight for our rights.

Even in the midst of a criminalized existence, the favela always finds a way of being happy.

dancing in the favela, holding Ipanema Bay, we make a toast on a holiday. It is an unbalanced world.

Favela is also culture, it’s art, it is learning … a mixture of all that is good!

While many discredit, the favela works to win.

In the red -favelas, it’s all ours. Between good and evil, it’s all ours!

I am very proud of where I arrived at the asphalt, but I still have a lot to fight for my brothers who stayed.

With faith, boldness and hard work, the favela wins daily!

I understand this complex world, slum is my root. Without direction, no tino, no nexus and still happy.

favela, trust the walk. The road has obstacles, but fate always pays off!

It is the slums that comes the strength and courage of the people.

In this favela the creation was created by so many fights against an oppression system.

The view is more beautiful from the top of the hill!

A lot of people do not realize, but much of Brazil’s culture has been and is still built in the slums.

My name is slum, it is from the people, from ghetto to my root!

The richness of the asphalt people is not compared to the richness of favela’s learning.

The slum is my home, the place where my heart lives.

If rap surrenders favela will have what? If General Fraquejar Soldier will be what?

On the hill or asphalt, humility and empathy is essential!

It is very easy to talk about things so beautiful facing the sea, but with back to slum.

Between alleys and alleys, queen of the favela!

I never tire of fighting for the people and culture of my favela.

The favela will still make a penny turn dollars!

The favela should not exist, but as all this exists, we made it work.

poetry, hope and love for the favela.

Asphalt is afraid of the favela revolution, because they know that with it has a lot to lose.

Place of housing of thousands of Brazilians, the slums began to emerge in the mid -nineteenth century, segregating the black population and less purchasing power, thus marking even more social inequality and prejudice.

Currently, according to a survey released by the Data Favela, there are 13,151 slums in Brazilian territory, where families are found that help to build the country in their most diverse areas.

And thinking about all the learning generated by the communities, how about checking these quotes on social inequality that show the implications of some social issues that need to be combated?

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