50 messages from Saint Augustine to learn a little more about him

Do you know who Holy Augustine was? He was a well -known philosopher and theologian in the early decades of Christianity. Even his books were extremely important for his development, as well as Western Philosophy. In addition to several other subjects, Augustine of Hippona reflected on the issues of religion, mixing the Christian faith and philosophy.

In the Catholic Church, it is known as the holy protector of people with diseases in the eyes and ears. In addition, it is also considered the protector of theologians, printers and brewers. Like the other sanctities, St. Augustine also has a day in his celebration, August 28, the date of his death.

As an intellectual, the philosopher and theologian had much to contribute to the Catholic Church, and his thoughts can inspire us to this day. Check out this list of quotes from St. Augustine and learn a little more about your thoughts:

Quotes from St. Augustine about life

The philosopher, among his reflections, has many advice that we can bring to life. Check out some of them on this list of quotes from St. Augustine about life and reflect!

Who takes goods from the poor is a killer of charity. Who helps them is a virtuous of justice.

I prefer those who criticize me, because they correct me, to those who praise me, because they corrupt me.

Men are always willing to scour and ascertain about the lives of others, but it gives them lazy to know themselves and correct their own life.

Know, accept, surpass you.

The gift of speech was granted to men not so that they would deceive each other, but to express their thoughts to each other.

No one can be perfectly free until everyone is.

If man knew the advantages of being good, he would be a man of good for selfishness.

The world is a book, and whoever is sitting at home reads only one page.

Pride is not greatness, but swelling. And what is swollen seems big, but not healthy.

The soul only feeds on what brings it joy.

Quotes from St. Augustine about friendship

Having friends is part of anyone’s life, no matter if they are many or a few good companions. Friendship is also a genuine form of love, and St. Augustine has much to say about it. Check out a list of some quotes about his friendship:

We need each other to be ourselves.

Loving others and taking care of him, you will go through your way. It helps, therefore, the one who has alongside as he walks in this world, and will come with him with whom he wishes to remain forever.

If two friends ask you to judge a dispute, do not accept, because you will lose a friend; On the other hand, if two strangers ask the same, accept, because you will win a friend.

said very well who defined his friend as half of his own soul. I really had the feeling that our two souls were one in two bodies.

I loved my friends uninteresably, and I also felt that they loved me with the same disinterest.

Friendship is so true and so vital that nothing more holy and advantageous can be desired in the world.

Friendship is expressed in mutual aid and gratitude.

no one can be true friend of another, if not before the friend of the truth, who is God.

The pleasure of being together for friendship causes delivery and rest.

There is no true friendship but among those who God unites for charity.

Quotes from St. Augustine about the love of God

In addition to being considered a Christian, the theologian had much to contribute to the development of Christianity and the Church. Thus, many of their reflections involve faith and religiosity, including divine love. So we selected a list of some quotes from St. Augustine about God’s love for you to be inspired, check out:

To have faith is to sign a blank sheet and let God write whatever He wants.

A tear evaporates, a withered flower, only prayer reaches the throne of God.

The passion of the Lord shows us the difficulties of present life, in which we need to work, suffer and finally die. The resurrection and glorification of the Lord reveal to us the life that will one day be given to us.

God’s search is the pursuit of joy. The encounter with God is joy itself.

God needed only one word to create us, but of His blood to redeem us. If sometimes you are frustrated by your miseries, you remember how much you cost.

Loving God we become divine; Loving the world we become worldly.

What the most cause can be in the coming of the Lord but to show us God your love?

Two loves built two cities. God’s love built Jerusalem. The love of the world raised Babylon.

If God is the supreme good of man, living well can not consist of anything else than to love Him with all our mind and soul.

You will only be pleasing to God when God is pleasant to you.

Quotes from St. Augustine about philosophy

As a theologian, Augustine of Hippona wrote on various subjects that ramble about humanity, religion and life in general. How about checking out some of your ideas? Below is a list with quotes from St. Augustine about philosophy:

idleness walks slowly, so all addictions reach it.

There was no time when there was no time.

And I went to myself and said, Who are you? And I answered myself: Man. And behold, I have the body and the soul at hand, one exterior and the other inner. However, the interior is better.

There is no place for wisdom where there is no patience.

Everyone who wants to eliminate the body of disadvantage human nature.

divided humanity into two large groups. One is one of those who live according to man; The other, the one who live according to God. We myself mystically give the name of cities, which means men’s societies.

What is the time? If nobody asks me, I know. If I want to explain it to those who ask me, I don’t know.

Do not look out, but inside you, it is inside the man that inhabits the truth.

Who is good, is free, even if they are a slave. Who is evil is a slave, even if it is free.

Don’t Andes find out how much you have, but what you are.

Quotes from Santo Agostinho for Facebook

As you have noticed so far, the saint’s life has been full of deep reflections, many of them perfect for today. Why not share them with who you know? Use social networks for this! Check out this list of quotes from Santo Agostinho for Facebook and get inspired:

Be careful that your life does not go contrary to the testimony of your mouth.

People travel to admire the height of the mountains, the huge waves of the seas, the long river path, the vast domain of the ocean, the circular movement of the stars, and yet they pass themselves without admiring. /P>

What does the soul desire more vehemently than the truth?

Even if you have already taken a long walk, there will always be another way to go.

As much as the fear of death is, it must overcome it the strength of the love with which one who is the one who, being our life, wanted to suffer to death for us.

The disorderly soul leads to its penalty.

there will be the truth even if the world perish.

Hope has two beautiful daughters, indignation and courage; Indignation teaches us not to accept things as they are; courage, to change them.

loves and does whatever you want. If so is silent, you will shut up with love; If you shout, you will scream with love; If you correct, you will correct with love; If you forgive, you will forgive love. If you have love rooted in you, nothing but love will be your fruits.

To have faith is to believe what you do not see; The reward for this faith is to see what you believe in.

Now that you know a little more about St. Augustine and its importance in the founding of Christianity and the Catholic Church, how about living a little more like him? This selection of Christian quotes will make you reflect and inspire you, check it out!

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