50 messages for young children full of purity and affection

Those who have not yet experienced the experience of having a child may think that everything comes down to cries, a lot of work and mess. But the reality is that a child brings a happiness without size to parents, provides a lot of learning and makes life more fun.

It is a joyless joy to see the small growing, discovering the world, demonstrating his personality and being a happy and healthy child. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving love and affection from such an innocent being.

We have selected several quotations for young child for you to demonstrate the immensity of your love and how your life has come to a special shine since it arrived. Check it out!

Quotations for young child who show that he is his preciousness

You were my little big miracle and now is the reason for my living. I love you, my dear son.

I’ll do what I can to see you smile. Son, your smile is the biggest reason for mine.

My dear son, I gave you life and in return you gave meaning to mine. I love you!

You are the most important person in the world for me, my son.

My beloved son, of all the blessings that God provided me with, you are the best and largest of all.

my son, you are a gift from God and I will always protect you and love it with all my strength.

My beloved son, live with the certainty that I will always be by your side.

My son, I am fulfilled for having you in my life. By your side everything is easier.

Son, my mother’s heart has love to give that it will never end. Never forget that. I love you so much!

Son, your smile is the fuel that supplies my heart.

My son, you are the best part of me! Your smile renews my energies, calms my heart and softens any pain.

my son, I give up the world to hold your hand.

With you I learned to be happy, my son. I love you!

A love that begins in the belly can never be erased. I love you so much, my son.

My son, for you I would win any battle and would give my life. I love you from here to the stars of heaven!

my son, you are life in me. The love I chose to feel. May your path always be sweet.

greater than the joy of having you, has been the happiness of seeing you grow, my son.

son, you will be eternally my little boy and forever I will love you.

The light of your eyes is what guides me, my son. I love you!

Every day I thank you for your life, my son. You were the best thing that happened to me.

You arrived and changed my whole life. I just have to thank you for making her even happier, my son!

Happiness is to love and receive love from the most important person in my life. I love you, my baby!

Being your mom is the most beautiful destination I could have dreamed of me, my son!

Maybe one life is little for the love I have to give you, my son.

Only you can give me the joy of living, my son. I love you!

Everything in you enchants me, son. You are more than I dreamed and I love you more than my own life.

my son, you are beautiful inside and out. My love for you is unconditional.

my son, seeing you grow with a smile on your face is my greatest achievement.

Until when you sleep, I zeal for you. You are the love that is not over, the reason for my existence.

my son, I live for you, because you are my life.

My story would not be funny without you, my son.

my son, having you with me is a dream I am realizing. See your face, your face, the way you look at me, fills me with love.

You arrived and cheered the whole family, my little one! I am very happy to have you as a child!

There is no stronger, eternal and special bond than the one who exists between a mother and a child. I love you, my dear son!

Since you were born you warm my heart with your smile and my chest is proud of you. I love you, my dear son!

I am a very proud father, because you are a wonderful child and every day gives me new reasons to smile and be happy.

The world may be collapsing, but whenever I look at your face, my son, I recover my strength.

Being the father of such a special boy is all I could ask God. I love you, my son.

Son, you can get too big for my lap, but it will never be too big for my heart.

son, in your hug I find the peace I need for my days.

My son is a superhero, because only with a smile can he save the worst of my days.

son, your smell calms me, your smile rejoices me and your hug comforts me.

my son, you were the most beautiful story God wrote in my life.

my son, your smile is what I like best and want him every day. You make me very happy!

God chose the most beautiful angel and gave me as a gift, to brighten my days and make me the happiest woman in the world.

my child, my jewel, my life, my love!

My son, of all jewelry, you are the most valuable diamond I’ve ever seen.

You are a piece of me, son, and will always carry my heart in your hands.

If you depend on me, you will be the happiest person in this world, my son.

I never imagined feeling a love as pure as I feel for you, my son.

There is no way not to be enchanted by your child’s gesture, right? Check out our list of quotes for beloved children and demonstrate how beautiful it makes your life.

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