50 judgmental messages to reflect on how you have seen others

Judging people or being judged is part of life. Sometimes they draw hasty conclusions that are not true, simply due to lack of knowledge. Everyone is subject to falling into this trap of judging by appearance without first knowing the other side of the story. To make you better reflect on the subject, check out quotes of judgments that will make you think about the true sense of judging someone!

Judgment quotes to others

Judging others can be a path without return towards the removal of the people we have consideration. See quotations of judgment to others and reflect on the true intention of your attitude and attitude of other people.

To judge a man, just look at your friends.

In every judgment consider, not how rich someone is, but what are their qualities.

We should never judge the people we love. Love that is not blind, is not love.

We must judge a man more for his questions than for the answers.

One thing is that you think you are on the right track, another is to think your way is the only one. We can never judge the lives of others, because each one knows of their own pain and renunciation.

To judge others, look at yourself and see your own defects … as soon as you see them you will no longer want to find your own defect anymore.

We can judge a man’s heart for the way he treats animals.

What paradoxical, the first judgment comes from the one who says it is necessary to love others.

One who has the attitude of judging others does not have the ability to judge himself.

Who judges the neighbor will be the next to be judged.

Do not judge someone for having different sins of yours.

To point out the mistakes of others is not to judge, but to open your eyes for a better change.

Unjust judgment citations

Judging someone unfairly is terrible. We need to analyze all sides before we make a conclusion. Just as we wouldn’t like this to happen to us, we should not do with others. Check out unjust judgment quotes and stop to think before you arrive at a verdict.

Judge me the way you want it. The opinion is yours, the reality is mine.

Our evil is to judge human opinions for the pleasure or pain they cause us.

Do not judge anyone who has been wrong, for it is these acts that justify their own experience.

Do not judge human beings only by what is understood of what is right or wrong, one should also consider their instincts and desires.

People are the most hypocritical things that exist, the same ones that hate to be judged, judge, those who do not like violence, assault, those who ask for peace, for anything they want fight.

The unfair judgment is one in which both parties are not heard. Understanding is better than judging without knowing.

Sometimes, what we think is right to do, is the worst mistake we can make.

Over time you realize that your answers are not wrong and that wrong are those who think they are right.

Do not judge and you will never be wrong.

injustice is to judge others more severely than yourself.

The only risk that is going to judge is to be unfair.

It is biblical: do not judge not to be judged.

Precipitated judgment citations

We should not judge someone before we know better, and no one should judge us without knowing who we are. Take a while to think about seeing our selection of hasty judgment quotes. Review some concepts and seek not to make conclusion ahead of time.

You have the right to speak what you think, but you don’t have the right to judge who you don’t know.

Every hasty judgment reveals a part of ours that must be fragmented and healed.

We should look longed at ourselves before we think of judging others.

Don’t judge me, you know my name, not my story.

I have my defects there, but I have many qualities. Meet me before judging, don’t judge before I know my story.

Don’t judge me for being different, just admire me for not being the same.

Those who judge people have no time to love them.

The problem is that people are talking, judging and criticizing too much, but knowing less.

I don’t understand how people can judge me so fast, without even knowing me.

Every hasty judgment is arbitrary.

The hasty judgment has always been the suicide of truth. It leaves irreparable mark, brings insecurity in the conviviality and can sacrament a farewell.

People tend to make a hasty judgment of others without even opening the opposite.

Citations of judgment by appearance

Appearance can deceive us and make us think things hastily. So first of all, seek to know better about the situation and the person. See judgment quotes for appearance and learn not to judge someone just for what you see.

People judge the appearance, but forget that the evil of society are people without character.

Both night and wine impair the judgment of beauty.

Every human being has flaws and qualities, so don’t judge!

Don’t judge anyone for its appearance! Clothing does not translate decency!

Do not judge me by the thorns, if you touch me gently you can feel the softness of my petals and my sweet perfume.

Don’t judge people by your way! The worst thieves are in suit, tie and talking very well!

Never judge love for appearance, you don’t feel love on your face, hair, or body. And yes in mind and heart!

Throughout your life, be careful not to judge people by appearances.

We should never judge people by appearance, as they may surprise us.

I learned that there are certain people who will judge you by appearance and not their character.

What if you were blinded, would you continue to judge people by looking?

The only infallible method to know others is to judge it by appearances.

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