50 humble status messages that show the value of simplicity

Living with humility is a condition that does not depend on the financial situation. It is seeing the value of simple things and not finding oneself greater than anyone. Thus, it is possible to open to learn and be an increasingly better person, for your own good. So check out quotes of humility and see life simply!

humble quotes for status that will make you look at simple things

Humility is the foundation of wisdom.

Humility is the first step for wisdom.

It’s no use having everything if you don’t have humility and discipline.

It takes a lot of humility to admit a mistake and even more to learn from it.

Intelligence without humility is nothing full of yourself.

Money makes rich men, knowledge makes wise men and humility makes great men.

The higher the level of pride, the higher the fall.

As smart as anyone can be, if not humble, your best is lost in arrogance.

character, honesty and humility: who has, goes far!

They revisit humility.

Walk worthy to the call you have received, with all humility and meekness, with patience, enduring one another in love.

Humility to understand defeat and self-love to know how to celebrate victories.

Humility is the basis of all virtues.

counting advantage is the greatest poverty that exists.

Ask God to make you humble and He will fulfill the desire of your heart.

Humility is a big person who treats everyone else as if they were bigger.

Humility is a thing of rich people of spirit.

Humility expresses one of the rare certainties that I am right: that no one is superior to anyone.

Humility carries the weight of all greatness.

Accept the triumph and loss with equal serenity. Do everything with humility.

You must have greatness to have humility and value simplicity.

Think that you are bigger than someone does not lead anywhere.

humility is not wanting to be greater than anyone. Is wanting to grow to be a better person for you.

Simplicity lives in Rua da Humility, in the Gratitude neighborhood and in the City of Alegria.

Before you judge someone, make sure you are perfect.

You will only know how to climb in life who has the humility to descend how many times they are necessary.

In my simplicity I will, with humility I come and with the always faithful faith.

Having humility is the greatest wealth that money cannot buy.

humility first, always!

Do not win the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold.

I like simple, humble and character.

Humility is knowing where you are now and not pass over anyone to get where you want.

It was in the favela that I learned the value of humility!

Humility is to think less about yourself and more in the collective.

humility is beyond the financial condition. Humility is to have dignity.

Be humble to admit your mistakes, intelligent to learn from them and mature to correct them.

The acts we practice must have the shine of humility.

Gratitude is the only treasure of the humble.

Simplicity is the last degree of sophistication.

Life is a great lesson of humility.

Be humble, for even the sun with all its greatness sets and lets the moon shine.

Simplicity filled with humility is the perfect formula for success.

Simplicity and humility are quantities of the soul.

Simplicity in the days, humility in life!

Being simple and humble is what makes you big.

In the ladder of life, humility takes you to the top.

Humble people and the simplicity of life enchant me and teach me.

Do not try to be the best, but the simplest. Because even the largest tree in the forest part of the floor.

Being humble is not being less than someone. It is knowing that we are no more than anyone.

The essence of humility lies in the ability to know how to live.

How good to see the value of simple things! Continue so with our quotations of simplicity and look at life with more humility.

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