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Marriage is not always flowers, but every day it must be cultivated and watered. Life as a couple has its difficulties, but if the couple dedicates themselves, adds a pinch of affection, a bit of love and cuts out what is not good, it will make the relationship healthier. For you to find inspiration, come check out our happy marriage quotes. Check it out!

Happy marriage quotes for you to share with your spouse

May the basis of our marriage always be love, respect and joy.

May all marriages in the world find the path to happiness just like ours.

May the joys, sadness, storms and good times come, but I only want to experience all of this if it’s with you.

A happy marriage is much more than having a good laugh together. It’s loving, caring and protecting every day.

A happy marriage is being able to have the chance to fall in love with the same person every day, for the rest of your life.

The path to a happy marriage is to never stop declaring your love for the person you share your life with.

A strong couple can transform any problem into happiness and a means of growth.

A happy marriage is the translation of the purest love.

May our marriage have lots of love and respect, we can do the rest.

No marriage is completely happy without the couple’s friendship, complicity and loyalty.

It is in true love, the one that sacrifices itself so that the other can be who they are, that the happiness of a marriage lies.

A perfect marriage is made up of two imperfect people who don’t give up on each other.

There is no happy marriage without making the other person’s happiness a priority.

If the marriage is happy and strengthened, the difficulties will be a mere detail.

Married life is a daily challenge, but if lived with patience, love and trust, it leads to happiness.

A marriage full of happiness is one in which the couple faces problems hand in hand.

Getting married is making a commitment. The commitment to make others happy every day and thus become happy yourself.

Marriage is about facing losses and barriers together and not giving up on each other.

A happy marriage should be based on additions and multiplications, not subtractions and divisions.

Happy marriage means not giving up halfway, even if everything points to that destination!

Leaving pride aside, knowing how to talk and apologize is what makes married life happier.

Getting married is allowing the other person to make you happy, just as you make them happy.

In a happy marriage, any act of affection is a proof of love.

No marriage is perfect and happiness does not reach everyone, but every couple can learn to achieve it!

Not giving up on each other is the first step to a happy marriage.

The secret to a harmonious marriage is knowing how to forgive, respect and, above all, love!

A happy marriage is one in which the couple wakes up every day with the certainty of having married the right person and strives to make it work.

Overcoming obstacles together is also part of a happy marriage.

Living as a couple does not mean that one person will be right, but rather empathy and respect for the other.

No problem is big enough to shake a happy marriage.

Being next to the person you love covered with God’s blessing is the key to a happy marriage.

It’s never too late to restore joy in a marriage. Remember what it feels like to love and put it into practice.

Love your love with all your strength and you won’t have to worry about a happy marriage, because it already is!

Put happiness first in your marriage and watch things become as simple as possible.

A marriage full of joy is one in which, with each passing day, one person falls more in love with the other.

These are small attitudes that can make a marriage much happier!

In a world filled with lovelessness, having a happy marriage is a gift.

A happy marriage is built when two equally happy souls meet and decide to stay.

In addition to patience and lots of love, marriage needs communication and a lot of humor.

A simple passionate look helps maintain a happy marriage!

A happy marriage is the union of two people who are already happy with themselves!

To live a life of joy with your partner, dialogue must be the basis of everything.

Happy marriage is a gift for those who truly know how to love.

Kiss as if it were the first kiss, love as if it were the first day of dating, feel as if it were the first time. Three basic things to maintain happiness in marriage!

Respect is one of the pillars of a healthy marriage.

Getting married means stopping just defending your point of view and trying to understand the side of your loved one.

To have a happy marriage, you cannot live in a routine. Every day you should renew your vows and innovate ways of showing love to make someone else’s day happier.

Happiness is the fuel for all wedding dreams to come true.

Experiencing the good moments intensely and being united to overcome the bad, this is how a couple builds a happy marriage!

May happiness always be our priority for us to live together.

To make your marriage happy, you can start with the simple things, such as celebrating anniversaries. See the beautiful wedding anniversary quotes and dedicate them to your love!

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