50 dog messages to show your love for animals

Most people are lucky enough to have a dog’s company for a lifetime. Some have been living with pets since children and learn to love these illuminated beings with the heart and respect they deserve.

Love for dogs is inexplicable, not even the greatest dog lover would explain this genuine feeling. Best of all, the feeling is reciprocal: dogs love owners as much as they are! Is there anything better than a canine and true love?

So we select the most special dog quotes check out and melt with love!

Canine Love Quotes

They say that the purest love is the love of a dog. If you have had or have a dog, you know what we are talking about. Check out this list of canine love quotes and feel all this energy invade you:

There is no bad day when you come home and receive the love of a dog.

The only disinterested friend a man can have in this selfish world, the one who never abandones him, the only one who never shows ingratitude or betrayal, is his dog.

Wrong is human, forgive, canine.

The dog is the only thing that loves you more than you love yourself.

No one can complain about the lack of a friend and can have a dog.

Look in the dog’s eyes and realize where all love comes from.

There is nothing more true than the love of a dog.

What attracts me most in animals is that they don’t use words… they use feeling.

dogs are not our whole life, but they make our whole lives.

Who spoke of love for the first time was talking about dogs.

Funny dog ​​quotes

In addition to being loving, dogs also make high clutters and take us a lot of laughs. There are also a variety of funny quotes about them, know some we chose:

Who loves me, loves my dog ​​too.

Man’s best friend is another dog.

You can say anything stupid to a dog, that he will look at you and say: My God, you are right! I would never have thought about it!

whiskey is man’s best friend, he is the bottled dog.

Money can buy a beautiful dog, but only love makes it swing the tail.

When I needed a hand in my life, I found your paws.

Dogs are love packets wrapped in hair.

My dog ​​taught me that sitting along after a bad day is enough to be a good friend.

Who calls allergy with a cute puppy of this?

There is no better psychologist than a dog that licks your face.

Cachorro movie quotes

Dog movies are the best and also the most touching. Who has never cried with the classic canine Marley and me that throws the first stone! If you haven’t seen any such movie yet, let’s inspire you with this list of dog movie quotes, see:

Those we rescue, rescue us.

Ah, you are such a good boy.

Thus, in all my lives like a dog, here is what I learned. Have fun, obviously. Whenever possible, find someone to save, and save them.

They taught me what loyalty is … and that we should never forget who we love.

No one said he was a big dog or even a good dog. He was as wild as an Irish Banshee and as strong as a bull.

I would do anything for you.

What I really wanted to tell was how this animal had played our souls and taught us some of the most important lessons of our lives.

Dogs don’t need luxurious cars, large houses or chic clothes. Water and food are enough. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. Smart or not. Intelligent or not. Deliver your heart and he will give his. How many people can we say the same? How many people make you feel rare, pure and special? How many people make us feel extraordinary?

I just want to cancel what I said before about my dog ​​not being smart.

Have a child and will be a father, have a dog and will be a master.

Coges for dogs that died

dogs should be eternal, but unfortunately we cannot have this privilege of spending life with the same dog. See this selection that we have prepared and get emotional with some dog quotes that died:

How do you hurt to say goodbye to the best dog in the world!

You have always been by my side when I needed you. In life and death, I will always love you.

God called me and said they needed the best dog in the sky, so I asked me to take you!

I would give everything I have if it made my dog ​​live as much as I do.

Even though sadness will be part of my routine when you get home and not have you waiting for me, the joy you transmitted to me still carry in my heart!

The brand of your paw is engraved in my heart.

When we love a dog, the pain of its loss is irreparable, but love is infinite and renewable.

Waking up without their good morning licks make the most sad mornings.

For some, you were just a dog. For me, you were a part of my whole life.

I just wanted to get home and be able to see you running toward me.

Bravo dog quotes

Some dogs are busier and brave normally, others are docile with the owner, but little friendly with strangers … In any case your dog, we made a selection of brave dog quotes for you, check out:

Some dogs can be brave, but their love can be proportional.

Sometimes the bravery of a dog is pure lack of love and affection.


Bravo dog only runs after when you run away!

There is life after death? Jump the wall and find out.

You can come in, he doesn’t bite …

A angry dog ​​may be showing the purest feeling he can have: the desire to protect his owners!

Lost Brave Dog. Whoever finds it, my sincere excuses.

The dog does not border by bravery, but for fear.

Dogs only wield to those who do not know.

Now that you have died of love and was thrilled with this special list of dog quotes, how about showing all the love for your puppy with a picture of you both? Fill your canine love feed with this selection of photo quotes with dog, check it out!

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