50 affectionate good morning messages that are like a warm hug

Waking up with a message from someone special is amazing, isn’t it? It is as if our hearts are embraced by words with the certainty that the day will be better. So how about spreading this feeling to dear people in your life? Check out good morning quotes and send a tight hug to those who do you good!

Good morning quotes affectionate to brighten the morning of someone special

A hug full of affection for you. Good morning!

You are the first person I remembered today. I wish you a good day, my love!

May your heart always keep the door open to receive all the good that life reserves you. Good morning!

Good morning! Take care or come here, I take care of you.

I thought about sending you a kiss, but I found it very little. So I decided to send you a million of them. Good morning!

Good morning, love! Because of you I have beautiful dreams to dream. Because of you, my life is full of love. And today more than ever, I love you!

a coffee and a love. Hot, please!

I already woke up well, because as soon as I opened my eyes, I found you in my thoughts. Good morning, love!

Of the good things in my life, you are certainly the best. I love loving you! Have a great day, my love.

Good morning, dear friends! May the sun illuminate your life and heat every heart today.

I thought of saying I love you, but as you already know this, I’m sending you this message just to say: Good morning!

With each day that is born, my love for you gets stronger. Good morning!

Good morning with great affection! I’m sure your day will be more than beautiful.

Wake up, open the window and watch a whole day waiting to be lived. Good morning!

Good morning is the most disguised way of talking “I woke up thinking about you”.

I hope your day is wonderful as you are. Good morning!

Good morning for the best part of my day!

There is no distance when love brings hearts closer. Good morning, honey!

Good morning to the color, light and joy of my days!

Special people like you deserve all the light and joy of this life. I wish a wonderful day!

Good morning! May life paint the most beautiful colors in your day today.

Your smile is my favorite dawn. Good morning, my love!

The sun shines outside, illuminating the day. The sun shines inside me too, for having you. Good morning!

That this new dawn can renew your energies and bring a lot of joy. Good morning!

Good morning! I thank you for life for giving me so many dear people.

The world gets more beautiful when we see it with our hearts. Good morning, beautiful people!

Good morning, flower of the day!

Rain or sunbathe, I’m sure my day will be beautiful for having you. Good morning!

I’m sure your day will be beautiful!

Good morning! May your day be full of love and peace.

I see flowers in you. Good morning!

A good day full of love and affection for a very special person!

Good morning! That only good, light and good energies come to you today.

A kiss, a smile, a coffee and a good day for you!

There is a place in my heart stored just for you. Good morning, beautiful thing!

Good morning and the sun always shines in your life!

You are light and deserving of all goods in this life. Good morning!

May God be taking care of every detail of your day. Good morning!

Passing to wish a good day and to remember that your name is always in my prayers.

A good day for you, who with this smile of light, illuminates my life!

Good morning, light of my day! That today is as special as you are in my life.

Your presence is a gift to me. May life always present you for being so special. Good morning!

May your week be beautiful and sweet. Good morning!

Thank you for rejoicing my life. Good morning!

Special people like you have the gift of transforming common days into unforgettable times. Good morning!

That life gives you all the affection you give to the world. Good morning!

In the dawn of life, you are like the sun illuminating my days. Have a beautiful morning!

Good morning, my dengo! I send you a tight hug to start this day well.

May the words be with a tight hug. A good day full of affection!

Special people like you I keep in my heart. Good morning!

How good it is to be able to demonstrate special feelings by someone, isn’t it? Therefore, open your heart and keep demonstrating with our quotes of affection and affection.

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