45 short optimism quotes to not lose positivity | messages, wishes and quotes

When we are discouraged, positive and motivating words are always welcome. When they are accurate, they don’t need to be many. Learn to see the good side of life with the short optimism quotes we have selected. Check it out and fill yourself with inspiration to face the challenges with a smile on your face, lots of faith and hope!

Short optimistic quotes to stay motivated

Hope pushes us in the right direction.

As long as there is the will to fight, there will be hope of winning.

I can because I believe I can.

Live hoping to be happy every second!

Stubbornness just to prove to myself that I can do it.

Optimism is faith in action. Nothing can be achieved without optimism.

Realize how far you’ve come when you look at your past.

I don’t lose faith in myself, in life and in my dreams!

Optimism in difficulty reduces evil by half.

You will go further, just believe in your potential!

With faith in your heart, nothing stops you from becoming a giant!

What do you have for today? Smile, say thank you and move on.

When life is fun, we have much more motivation!

Challenges push us to move forward in one way or another!

It’s fun to do the impossible.

Life has a beautiful side, sharpen your eyes to see it more often!

Looking back, I just look to see how much has evolved. Otherwise, life moves forward.

Every morning the world is new to me.

Life goes by quickly, so it has to be lived with intensity.

Limits exist to be overcome. Conquer your fears and move forward!

A better world will emerge for those who continue to believe in it and do what they can within their reality. Good is contagious!

Don’t stop until you feel like you’ve reached where your heart is at peace!

I like people who are committed to joy.

Nothing in this life is impossible for me, I was born to conquer.

Your chance may be in the last attempt, so don’t give up!

Difficult times pass as quickly as they arrived. Keep hope up there! Do your part!

Dream for real. It’s our dreams that make us feel alive!

Be optimistic, think positive, have hope and live lightly!

If you believe you can do it, you can do anything you want!

God is strong, He is great, and when He wants there is no one who doesn’t want it.

Enjoying life means opening yourself up to the good moments and surprises it has in store for us!

The impossible is a matter of believing in it or not!

Keep moving forward.

A smile is the weapon against bad mood and the armor of positivity!

Don’t let sadness stop you from seeing the wonder of living!

Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.

Only those who breathe are able to pursue their own happiness!

Only achieve what you want if you try!

If you want something, just try hard and believe you can do it.

If you make a mistake, start again. With every fresh start, a new chance to succeed!

The secret is to believe that if we do our best, things will start to happen!

Everything has a beginning and a middle. The end only exists for those who don’t understand the beginning.

If the desire is to come true, your only alternative is to start!

Spread love and the universe will repay you with good vibes!

Leave a sign of joy wherever you go.

Maintaining motivation is not easy, but it is important to have a good mood and high energy. Check out our high-spirited quotes and send your problems away!

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