45 quotes for an evangelical friend that show how special she is | messages, wishes and quotes

It is very rewarding to have friendships that teach us to have more faith and bring us closer to God. Even better is being able to tell her that and knowing that it’s reciprocated. With this in mind, we selected the best quotes for an evangelical friend who thank God for their life partner. Check it out and pay homage to this friendship blessed by the Father!

quotes for an evangelical friend that value how blessed this friendship is

Our friendship is a gift from God. I feel blessed to have you in my life and count on your support and prayers.

May God bless our friendship and make us grow in love and faith.

I thank God daily for having a friend who is always by my side, who encourages me and motivates me in my faith.

A friendship that brings us closer to God is a friendship that has been blessed by Him.

God knows what he is doing and he knew that we would support and help each other when he brought us together in friendship.

I care for you and pray for you. This is the greatest proof of friendship I can give you.

You are my confidant, my prayer partner. My friend my sister. I love you!

Friends are the family that God blesses us with, that he gives us to help make the journey easier.

We are friends, but we are more than that, we are sisters in faith and we will always be united.

Only God can bless me with such a beautiful, wonderful friendship that does me so much good.

You encourage me to pursue my dreams and listen to God’s voice. You are a gift from Him in my life.

I thank God for making us friends and allowing us to experience beautiful things side by side.

I see God’s care in my life through the friendships He has placed in my life, like you!

Friend, Jesus loves you so much and always wants the best for you. I pray that He guides you to the path of happiness.

You are my companion in faith and I am grateful to God for having someone who encourages me to become closer to Him!

The journey is arduous, but God is by your side, friend. I’m here to support you, pray for you and help you with everything you need.

God is using this situation to show you how good it is to depend on Him, friend. Trust in your power!

Thank God, we lived unforgettable moments together. Your friendship makes my life happier.

We will find the solution to your problems together, friend. God will give us direction, don’t lose faith.

Your friendship is a divine gift, it is a way of observing God’s care for me because He uses you to encourage me.

God doesn’t delay, He does everything at the right time. Keep faith, friend, and wait on the Lord because He will give you victory.

God knows what is good for me, that’s why he gave me you to call my friend, to call my sister.

Don’t cross your arms when faced with a problem, bend your knees on the floor and ask God to give you the solution, friend!

When you feel weak, I will be by your side, strengthening you with my prayer, friend!

I see God’s happiness and care when I look at you and I am pleased to call you my friend.

You helped me when I needed it and I’m sure you were God’s instrument. I love you, friend!

May God fill you with joy, bless you, guide your steps and take you closer to Him, friend.

Dear God, take care of my friend and never let her think that she is not amazing and loved by You.

It’s normal to fall, friend, but know that God will extend his hand to lift you up and not let you fall any further.

In the most difficult moments, God shows us who to trust and it was at that time that He gave me his friendship.

God will give you an extraordinary day, my friend. Trust in Him and wait patiently for His actions.

For God to be present in our lives, he blesses us with angels who support us, encourage us and do us good, just like you, friend!

Your friendship is a precious asset to me, it is proof of God’s faithfulness.

Friend, my advice is: listen to God’s voice and do what He tells you because that is the best thing for your life.

Friendships are proof of how much God cares about us and wants to do us good. Thank you for your partnership, friend!

Thank you for existing, for being my friend and for bringing me closer to God by being an example of faith.

Lord, take care of the people I love, especially my friend who makes life happier.

Our friendship is lasting because it was God who made us friends.

I keep in my heart everything you do for me. I am grateful to God for your life and your friendship. I love you!

Life is full of struggles, but next to people who teach us to trust in God, everything becomes lighter. I love you, friend!

Better is open reproof than hidden love. Whoever hurts out of love shows loyalty, but the enemy multiplies kisses.

A friend loves at all times; He is a brother in adversity.

A friendship like this, so intense and empowering, can only be a divine gift. It is the work of God in my life, one of the most beautiful and rewarding.

Whoever has many friends can come to ruin, but there is a friend who is more attached than a brother.

The look of a friend makes the heart happy; good news strengthens even the bones.

May this friendship always be blessed by God. To send her advice from the word of God, check out our biblical quotes for friends and strengthen this relationship.

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