45 motorcycle quotes for those who are passionate about riding | messages, wishes and quotes

Living life on wheels is more than a passion, it is a choice that comes from the heart. Only motorcyclists understand the peace, adventure and freedom that the road brings. With this in mind, we made a selection of motorcycle quotes that represent the wonder of riding. Check it out and share to spread your passion for the road!

Motorcycle quotes for those who have adopted this lifestyle on two wheels

Nothing can compare to the spirit of a biker!

Don’t fly faster than your guardian angel can fly!

A true motorcyclist knows that a powerful vehicle is not enough, what counts is the feeling!

Being free is not having two wings, it is having two wheels.

Not everything that shines is gold, it can be chrome.

A motorcycle will not add days to your life, but it will add life to your days.

You may look ugly in the photo, but you will always look good on the bike!

Riding a motorcycle is synonymous with freedom, with being who I was born to be!

Maybe you won’t become a motorcyclist. Maybe one day you’ll sit on the motorcycle seat and simply discover that you’ve always been one of us.

As long as there is freedom, I will drive. When there is no more, I will look for it.

Pilot, therefore I am.

My passion has two wheels and I like happiness.

The motorcyclist learns from the mistakes of others, the motorcyclist from his own.

Biker blood doesn’t flow, it travels!

I’m a motorcyclist because adventure is in me, it was born with me and will always be in my DNA.

We don’t ride a motorcycle to forget life, but to remember that it exists.

If loving is living, I live because I love my motorcycle.

On my bike, I see my shadow fly over the asphalt.

Life is too short not to be enjoyed on two wheels.

Good boys go to heaven. The others ride motorbikes with me.

Far is a place that doesn’t exist when I’m living my dream on my motorcycle.

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.

The bad news is that time flies. The good thing is that I’m the pilot!

The story of a motorcyclist is written on the road!

It doesn’t matter how big your bike is, what matters is the spirit.

Motorcyclists do not enter old age. They begin their second youth.

Normal people measure friendships in years, we measure them in kilometers.

Not even the strongest storm will be able to stop me from riding.

My motorcycle is my best friend, because it was the one that experienced my greatest achievements with me.

Mototherapy: a good trip clears your mind, restores faith and shows you the beauty of life.

Being a motorcyclist means having many old stories for new friends and always new stories for old friends.

Freedom, fraternity and equality, and occasionally, speed!

Only a motorcyclist knows why a dog sticks its face out of the window when riding in a car…

When you die, your friends will tell your stories. Not from the bikes you had, but from the places you visited with them.

Do I ride a lot? It depends on the season: in winter, every day; in summer, all day.

No matter what bike you ride, the wind in your face is the same for everyone.

There is nothing better than riding a motorcycle to forget about all the problems of everyday life.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a motorcycle that’s almost the same thing.

A motorcycle in the garage makes you dream, a motorcycle on the road makes you live!

I will only leave my pair of wheels when I get my pair of wings.

People who ride motorcycles don’t have time to grow old.

If we don’t have wings, it’s because a motorcycle is enough to make us fly.

It was on my motorcycle that I understood true happiness.

Who said that meditating is something you do while still?

The motorcyclist does not need to look for happiness, he finds it along the way.

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