45 insomnia messages for those who sleep so late it’s almost early

Insomnia is a disease that affects many people and consists of difficulty sleeping, but there are other factors that can also keep our mind active at night and make it difficult to fall asleep.

To understand a little more about the reality of those who have this problem, we linked to several quotes of insomnia. Check it out and share!

Insomnia quotes for those who have a much greater imagination than sleep

Is insomnia or missing?

My insomnia has name, address and a beautiful smile.

Alright if it’s too late for us, I have insomnia!

How many paranoia is insomnia?

Insomnia is the revenge of the mind for all the thoughts we avoid during the day.

She has serious sleeping problems, rolls on one side, rolls on the other and does not sleep at all. You still don’t know if you suffer from insomnia or memories.

No punishment is worse than spending a sleepless night.

When you have insomnia you never really sleep and you never really wake up.

It is in the quiet of the night that many welcome the longing, and following it, comes insomnia.

Insomnia inspires me. Instead of sleeping and just dreaming, I’m here awake by writing my dreams, making them immortal.

Clean consciousness is the best medicine for insomnia.

rethought life, night of insomnia: tired morning.

The worst insomnia is the one that makes you think of everything.

We learn to die when sleeping is deep and there are no remembered dreams. In insomnia, life resists.

Decasses have insomnia and are kind, they bother them to unchanging truths. They laugh when they drink, don’t get sick, but they get dizzy with so much loose idea, with such schizophrenia. They do not settle in net, bed, they mourn the lack that makes an unconscious peace. Of this breed we are all, I am, only quiet when I accept.

Every day insomnia convinces me that heaven makes everything infinite.

Don’t say it’s insomnia if you slept all afternoon.

Insomnia is one of the best moments where creativity overflows in the head of the thinkers, today is another day that I can only sleep at the time the sun wakes up, until then I will continue to think.

vicinated my retina, became my routine. The cause of insomnia is you, not caffeine.

It is at dawn, in the company of insomnia and dark circles, that the real texts come out.

What makes me lose sleep is not the insomnia itself, but the lack of love and respect among human beings.

Along with good ideas comes insomnia.

The name of your insomnia is called “mobile phone with internet”.

What is insomnia but a massive defense, desperate against the activity of the dream and the extreme commitment to walking in circles in the vigorous, empty space, for fear of crossing the night that separates us from ourselves?

My mind bubbles, my thoughts are my insomnia.

insomnia is when your dream sleeps in another bed.

Some people suffer from insomnia and can’t sleep. Others suffer other ills and spend their lives needing to wake up.

I have no insomnia, I have a habit of thinking about you every night.

You came back to your little world and I went back to my nicotine and my insomnia.

But how many times insomnia is a gift. Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and having this rare thing: loneliness. Almost no noise. Only the waves of the sea hitting the beach. And I drink coffee with taste, all alone in the world. No one stops me nothing. It is nothing at an empty and rich time.

Doubt is the author of the most cruel insomnia.

Now, I think like this: Is that worth a mark of expression? Is this worth it a night of imsonia? Is it worth my peace? No, then bye.

did very well to have slept like an angel, because the cause of insomnia would be an illusion as many.

Who was the reason for my most beautiful dream, today is the reason for my insomnia.

Passion is dreaming during insomnia.

It’s not insomnia, it’s a desire to live much more.

Every night of insomnia I think of writing you to say that your silence will assault me.

Insomnia is so strong that meats sleep first than me.

I had insomnia crises again and this is ending my nervous system. Until you see the sun rise between the buildings in this stone jungle becomes sad when you don’t sleep.

Insomnia consists of sleeping in contrast.

insomnia – this sad wolf – is so restless and curious that he has barely slept, has jumped out of bed and walks around, barking the city walls.

Wake is the greatest penance; That is why the insomnia for remorse was chosen.

insomnia is not lack of sleep but the absence of dreams.

The worst aggravating factor you can feel is insomnia, no matter how insignificant it seems, it multiplies the power of your pessimistic thoughts.

There are nights that I can’t sleep with remorse for everything I stopped committing.

Now that you’ve read about insomnia and have known the consequences of not having a good night’s sleep, also check out our selection of good night quotes to someone special and send the best desires of an amazing night’s sleep for whom you Ama!

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