45 good night quotes for a friend that will make her happy with affection | messages, wishes and quotes

It’s great to have close friends who light up your life. They make happy moments more special and difficult ones easier to deal with. Take advantage of every second to show your affection and say how happy you are with this relationship. To do this, check out good night quotes for a friend and wish her a refreshing rest!

Good night quotes for a friend that will make her smile before bed

You can handle so much, friend. Take time to relax and renew your energy. Good night!

“Friendship is a love that never dies.” Good night, friend, I love you!

“Whoever defined a friend as half of one’s own soul said it well.” Good night, friend!

God has beautiful plans for us, that’s why he made us friends. Good night, I love you!

The kilometers that separate us do not diminish our friendship, because we are above that. Good night, friend!

“That your affection affected me, it’s a fact.” Good night, friend!

My friend, it’s so good to see you happy and fulfilling your dreams. I love you. Good night!

“I don’t exist far from you.” Good night, friend!

My friend, the storms will pass and you will find your direction in life. At all times, I will be by your side. Good night!

Another day that I close knowing that your partnership makes all the difference. Good night, friend!

“Some believe in angels, I believe in friendship.” Good night, friend!

Friend, God has plans for you. Trust and let Him act in your life. Good night!

Our friendship is a gift that is renewed every day. Good night, friend!

Tired people take longer to achieve their dreams. Sleep well, friend. Be ready for anything.

“Friendship not even the force of time will destroy.” Good night, friend!

Friend, may your dreams inspire you to achieve your goals when the dawn breaks. Good night!

My sister who doesn’t live in the same house as me, I love you. Good night, friend!

My friend, I will be your guardian angel if you need me. Good night!

Our superpower is to be a presence in each other’s lives from anywhere. Good night, friend!

I just want to thank you for always being by my side and supporting my dreams. Sleep well, friend!

No matter what happens, you will have me and my support. Good night, friend!

Our friendship is sincere and fills me with strength. Thank you for being the best and making me like this. Good night!

Always the two of us and that will never change. May our friendship only grow. Good night, friend!

“I’m glad you live with me, because if not, what would this life be like?” Good night, friend!

When I think of us, I feel that there is something that will last in this fleeting life. Good night, friend!

Our saint beat from the first day. Our friendship was in our destiny. Good night!

When you wake up, I will help you achieve your dreams. Now it’s time to rest. Good night, friend!

Rest, friend. Tomorrow the sun will bring news and warm your heart. Good night!

“You brought color to my days, joy where there was sadness.” Good night, friend!

No matter what you do, I’ll be in the front row rooting for you. Good night, friend!

Your friendship makes me believe that life is capable of getting better with each dawn. Good night, friend!

Rest, friend. Tomorrow you will be renewed and ready for the next one. Good night!

“We will always be together. Don’t worry, I will always be by your side.” Good night, friend!

Our friendship is a treasure that strengthens me every time I meet you. Good night, friend!

May your sleep be as amazing as you are and as good as our friendship. Sleep tight!

I’m happy to see that you’ve found your path and are living your dreams. Good night, friend!

May God take care of your rest so that it is peaceful and invigorating. You deserve it, friend!

“You are special, there is no other like you.” Good night, friend!

Thank you for all the laughs that made my day more special. Good night, friend!

Sleep well and rest because tomorrow will be full of surprises and my company. Good night!

Thank you for welcoming me into your life and allowing me to be who I am. Good night, friend!

Like the stars in the sky, our friendship lights up my life even in the darkness. Good night, friend!

Good night, friend! Know that I’m always grateful to have you around, especially before I rest.

If today was not a good day, just rest and believe that tomorrow will be better. Good night, friend!

I’m very proud of your strength and courage, friend. Thank you for always inspiring me. Good night!

With unexpected affection like this, friendship only grows stronger. To always tell her how incredible she is and how much you admire her, check out quotes of compliments for a friend and declare how amazing she is.

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