45 good night messages for WhatsApp full of good energy

If resting is all you want the most when the day comes to an end, so the tip is to check out these great good night quotes for WhatsApp! Perfect for you to send to all your contacts, they reflect well the importance of a good night’s sleep and motivate you to face the day to come!

Good night quotes for Whatsapp that are great for the end of the day

Thank you for all the good times of this day and reserve a smile for tomorrow. Good night!

guys, for today it has already. The battery discharged and the sleep caught. A good night everyone!

Good night! Each positive thinking is a silent prayer that will change your life.

We won another day! May God, in your greatness, listen to our prayers and give us a dawn of great answers.

Good night! The time has come to turn off the light and bring the stars to life and then give life to dreams.

Good night! May we never lack a dream to fight, a project to realize, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love.

May the grace and peace of the Lord be in their home today and forever. Good night!

Every end of the day, emanating gratitude to the universe and he will reward you with wonderful things the next morning! Good night.

Good night! And when dawn, don’t leave your dreams on the pillow.

I wish you a wonderful night, full of good thoughts and dreams of success. A beautiful night for you!

A well -slept night is the guarantee of a quiet and happy day. Enjoy your moment of rest. A great night!

Every night is an opportunity to thank God for another day of life. May we have a great rest and a night full of peace!

May God take care of your sleep and recharge all your energies. After all, tomorrow is a totally new day. Good night!

The Lord grants sleep to those to whom it loves. Good night!

Good night! There is a God who takes care of us, who takes care for us and at night, watches our sleep and prepares us for tomorrow.

Pray to God knowing that He will give you a better day with each dawn. Have a good night!

In peace I lie down and soon fall asleep, for only you, Lord, make me live safely. Good night!

Good night! Rest in the Lord, trust the Lord and give all your life to Him.

Leave all your problems out of bed. Just lie down, relax and know that you deserve a quiet night!

I wish you a good dream, peace, hope and a happy dawn. Good night!

Hour of the deserved rest! Time to lie your head on the pillow, relax and send all stress of the day away. Have a good night’s sleep!

The night comes to give us tranquility and peace. Good night!

The owner of our time is God, and as such, he is the one who determines ours today and writes our tomorrow. Good night!

Good night! For you, send a hug that surrounds the soul and heat the heart.

The day ends, but God keeps working for us. Good night!

Good night! May peace be your pillow and God your blanket.

Before bed, forget about your problems and remember every time you have surpassed yourself. Good night!

The day goes, the night falls and is sure that we have a God who takes care of us. Good night!

I lie down and sleep, and wake up, because it is the Lord who sustains me. Good night!

Tonight, I want to rest in God’s love and wake up with His strength in my life. Good night!

Gratitude: Word that defines each end of the day. Have a great night!

Delete what was not good today. Good night!

I was very happy, but I remembered that I have to wake up early to work. Good night!

I will finish the day with this sentence: “The fight is great, but God is greater!” Believe and give your life into the hands of D ‘He.

God enlightens your sleep and your dreams. Good night!

The good side of sleep is that it has no bad side. Good night!

For you, I wish you the most beautiful dreams that are all fulfilled at dawn. A great night!

Good night! Sleep to be closer to dreams and farther from the impossible.

May the night be of dreams and the day of achievements. Good night!

Cycle of Life: Try, fall, get up, start over. Never give up. Good night!

Sleeping is so good that you can’t believe it is free. Good night!

Good night, group! For today it was already, I will rest my beauty, ok?

Today my night will be 3D: lie down, sleep and rest. Good night!

I’m not boring all the time, there are times when I sleep. Good night!

The stack is over! That’s all, folks. Good night!

With these good night quotes to WhatsApp it is easy to send beautiful messages at the end of the day to all your contacts. And when dawn, the tip is to send these quotes of good morning excited for everyone to wake up happy!

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