42 messages about music to turn on the sound and enjoy life

Music is universal, capable of connecting completely different people, cultures and societies. And regardless of the genre, everyone has the one with which they identify the most, isn’t it? With that in mind, we’ve separated the best music quotes here that will make you play and enjoy your favorite! Check it out below.

Quotes on Music like Art

cultural and human practice, music is art. And besides entertaining, it allows other customs to be known through its different cultural manifestations. Whether representing a people, a time or a historical event, check out our quotes about music as art!

Music is the most direct art. He enters the ear, goes to the heart and manifests himself in the soul.

The art of music moves the heart, the mind, the body, is part of who is alive! Sound is life, music is art of those who live!

Thousands of people cultivate music; few but have the revelation of this art.

Music is art and not competition.

The world without the art of music is a world without inspiration and no record of emotions.

Music is the most perfect kind of art: it never reveals your last secret.

Music is life, music is art, music is joy. No matter the language, no matter the ethnicity. Music was the best invention of humanity. Music enriches the soul and rejoices the heart. Without music, life would not be funny.

Music is an art firm that transcends language.

Definition of Music: An art that is combined notes, voices, sounds and rhythms. When bad is discarded, when good, it is good for the soul.

Music is the most complex art there is. It can unite peace and war, love and hatred, dialogue and silence, the delicious to listen and the undesirable, disappointment and hope.

Quotes on Music as Transformation

Music is able to turn lives, open paths and create opportunities. It can also simply give that improvement in our mood when we are discouraged. Thinking about it, check out our quotes about music as a transformation and see how a melody can change everything!

Music transforms us with each beat, each pace, with each note, with each vibration.

Painting transforms space into time; Music, time in space.

Music can provoke discussions and access people who would not necessarily come into contact with certain questions otherwise.

Only good music transforms melody into emotion.

Music moves my soul, my feelings, my dreams, thoughts, my body and my mind. It transforms every day, every evening and every night, my state of mind.

Music transforms your world into art and your smile into light.

The study of music can radically change the course of a person’s life. And when it comes to children, the importance is more pronounced, helping in the perception, in reasoning, among other things.

Music transforms all pain into melody.

Music is able to echo from the head of the ear to society as a whole, political, social, racial or gender issues.

Music transforms, modifies and reflects absolutely everything. Has the power to sharpen one of the greatest gifts: wisdom.

Quotes about liking music

Who doesn’t like music that throws the first stone! Regardless of your favorite musical style, listening to music is good and makes us happy. Whether to relax, work or study, if you love a good sound, check out this selection with quotes about liking music!

Music gives me the calm that the world takes me.

Like music is normal, but my level reaches the extreme. My life is literally music.

Like music is that: go looking for you even without knowing who the singer is.

Learn how to enjoy good songs. Great loves need them.

Listen to what you like to hear, don’t expect the other to choose for you. Each one has a taste, their own need to be the same as that of all.

People like to listen to music with the words they are afraid to say.

I like various rhythms and sounds, everyone leads me to a fantastic end. It is the music that makes our gifts smile, and that has echo in me.

Who listens to music, feels their loneliness suddenly populated.

Yeah, I listen to music in the last volume. Because I like to feel that there is only me and the sound of that melody in the world. In my world!

I like to travel through the music. To close your eyes and let her take me into myself.

Best Quotes About Music

After a tiring day, nothing like turning the sound on your favorite playlist and relaxing. Music has the power to calm down, make the problems disappear, even for a few minutes. Knowing this, we have separated this list with the best music quotes to inspire you, check out below!

Music is when someone gives us sound.

Music is the bond that unites the life of the Spirit with the life of the senses. Melody is the sensitive life of poetry.

When you hear good music, you miss something you never had and never have.

Music offers the passions the means of gaining pleasure of them.

The man who does not have music within himself and who is not thrilled with a concert of chord candy is capable of betrayal, joint and prey.

Life is like music. Must be composed of ear, with sensitivity and intuition, never with strict rules.

Let the music talk louder than your problems.

Who does not hear the melody finds crazy who dances …

Music expresses the highest philosophy in a language that reason does not understand.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

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