40 women’s football quotes to learn to respect women | messages, wishes and quotes

Sport has no gender and women can enjoy football, play, support, get involved and be recognized. Are you a ball girl? Then our selection is for you. Check out our list of women’s football quotes and show that women have talent with the ball at their feet, can do whatever they want and demand respect!

Women’s football quotes to encourage and support the game of ball girls

Women’s football is fight, it’s love, it’s talent and it’s race!

Play like a girl!

My coach once told me that I ran like a girl and I said if he ran a little faster, he could too.

Friend, partner? Only if you’re a ballerina friend.

Women do understand football and they can be on the field. Because a woman’s place is wherever she wants!

The football stadium is also a place for women, whether on the field or in the crowd!

I love and play football. And that doesn’t make me stop being a woman.

Criticizing women’s football is for the weak, the strong support it!

Women’s football depends on you to survive. Think about it, value it more.

Stop being sexist! Women’s football is an art and should be taken more seriously!

Women’s football moves in very short and slow steps. Many girls now play football in Brazil, acceptance has improved, prejudice has decreased.

I’m bold, I’m happy, I’m a warrior, I’m a ball girl.

I love football and I refuse to feel like I’m less feminine because of it.

If we women don’t fight for space in football, we will always be silent.

When you value women’s football, you silence machismo in sport!

Liking football is a choice and we can choose whatever we want!

I have nothing to complain about. However, in women’s football we win very little compared to men’s football. There’s no shortage of food on the table, I don’t live poorly, but I don’t have any perks. If I played men’s football, I would never need to work again.

In women’s football there is determination, there is talent, there is passion and there is love.

The world is theirs, and football for them.

The best destination for women’s football is to promote the sport, encourage and seek constant improvements.

Value the girls in our football. They play with determination, talent and put on a beautiful show!

The players are on the field to be valued as players, not as pretty faces and bodies.

Whoever says that women’s football has no emotion is because their eyes are covered by their own prejudice.

Believe in women’s football, watch, support, and motivate the girls.

Women’s football demands respect!

Does women combine with football? Wake up! Have you ever seen Ant playing?

I’m happiest when there’s a game, I put on my boots and go for a hug.

My family are football girls. I chose to share life with them.

Women’s football is still starting to gain ground, and it needs our support to get stronger every day.

We all know that football is a national passion, so why is it so difficult to understand that women can also love and play this wonderful sport?

I tie my hair up, and I don’t mind getting sweaty at all. I leave your prejudice outside the stadium, for my team I do the impossible.

Only those who feel it in their hearts know the emotion of seeing their women’s team with so much support and taking off in competitions.

Women’s football is showing the potential it always had, winning the rights it always deserved.

Discrimination in football based on gender is still huge and our fight for equality is far from over.

The Corinthians women’s team just makes me proud!

Life is more colorful with football! And guess what? I’m still a woman!

Always fight, win sometimes, but never give up!

For fun or playing professionally, we want respect because football is also our place.

Football with my girls is what I need to make the day better.

Being a woman who plays football is struggle, it’s resistance!

Being a woman who likes and plays football means putting up with a lot of disrespect throughout your life. Show that you will no longer take any insults with our selection of anti-prejudice quotes and stay strong in the fight for more space and visibility!

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