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In difficult times, a friendly and comforting word brings tranquility to the soul. That’s why it’s so important to take time to reflect, meditate and read something that takes away our distress. Therefore, thinking about this subject, we have prepared a list of quotes to calm the heart and live more fully! Come check it out!

quotes to calm the heart full of comfort and care

Life is made of cycles and, if things seem to be going wrong now, know that this will soon change. Believe and trust!

Be still, look inside yourself, calm your heart. Think about what you need, because happiness always finds a way.

Look at the sky and notice the greatness. Calm your heart and trust. The impossible belongs to God and He is an expert in making it happen.

When your heart is heavy, take a minute out of your day to observe the season and realize that, like it, everything passes, changes and transforms.

After all the storm, comes a beautiful and colorful day. So calm your heart and know that this will all pass.

If your heart is troubled, tell it: calm down, everything will be fine!

Don’t apologize for being upset, everyone feels this way at one time or another. Respect your pain and try to understand it.

Have faith in God and hope for better days. I hope you find your smile and the strength to continue.

Take a deep breath, feel your body and remember that nothing lasts forever!

Calm your heart, everything that happens is under the eyes of God.

You are strong, do not be distressed by these difficulties, because you can overcome. Believe and calm your heart.

When your heart is sad and painful, take a deep breath, try to calm down and know: like so many times, you too will get out of this!

God can calm our hearts and bring our smile back. Believe!

It’s okay not to be okay. Everyone goes through bad things and survives. You’ll be fine.

Don’t be discouraged, everything has worked out. You determined, everything worked out.

Crying is also a way of calming our hearts, as this is saying in tears what we cannot express in words.

Storms don’t last forever. Wait for the rainbow.

It is in silence that we find peace and the answers that our hearts need.

Day after day, sadness is healed and gives way to a calming peace. I’ll be with you the whole way.

Don’t be in a hurry. Live in the moment, no matter how difficult it is, seek strength and calm your heart!

We are more scared than hurt. We suffer more from imagination than from reality.

The mind is a powerful tool. So, it all starts when you believe you will win. So calm your heart. Everything will pass!

Take it easy, because things will get better and you will still have many reasons to smile.

You are bigger than all your problems and obstacles. Keep your faith and your heart calm!

This difficult moment will pass, as will this affliction that is in your chest. Everything will be fine and the sun will shine in your heart.

Don’t worry, some things take time, but believe me: one day they will blossom.

There is no obstacle that you are not capable of effectively overcoming. Believe! Stay calm and warm your heart with good things.

A reminder for the day: you are doing well and I believe in you!

Often, to calm our heartaches, what we need is a good friend to listen to us. So know that I’m here!

Don’t be afraid. I will sit beside you in the darkness and wait for the light to appear.

Although things haven’t been so easy lately, everything is in God’s hands. At the right time, it will happen.

Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did all day was breathe.

The world may make you cry, but God wants you to smile.

God, give me your lap. Warm my heart. These are difficult days.

Cultivate your heart with lots of love so it calms down and this pain passes.

You survived your worst days and made it this far. Keep this in mind and always look ahead.

Open your heart to receive God’s blessings and take away all this affliction.

If God has allowed your life to be filled with obstacles, it is because he believes in your ability to overcome each one!

One day everything bad goes away, another day everything good appears.

Try to remember what the world was like in its best days, expansive and bright. That world is still here and you can find your way back.

Often, a simple word can change someone’s day and bring the calm they need in their heart. So, how about you also check out these patience quotes that encourage you to hope for the best?

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