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Life is more complete when God blesses us with people to walk alongside us and lift us up in difficult times. This relationship is an exchange and we must also be the support when our friends need it. With this in mind, we selected incredible and blessed quotes from God for friends. Check it out and help them with their daily challenges!

God quotes for friends that will bless the lives of your contacts

God created friendship because he knew that when love hurt, it would be the cure.

The best way to serve God is by meeting your own dreams. Only those who are happy can spread happiness.

What makes us such good friends is that we have the same purpose in life: to serve God with all our hearts!

Trust in God, He knows your heart, He knows your struggles and He will give you victory!

No one is happy alone and, knowing this, God gave me the best gift I could ever receive: your friendship!

Rest assured that God’s actions in your life are beautiful and He will do the best for you and your family, my friend!

He who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure sent by God!

It’s better to have company than to be alone, because the reward for the work of two people is greater. If one falls, the friend can help him get up. But poor man who falls and has no one to help him get up!

I am grateful to God for having a friend so close and closer than a brother. In my prayers, I ask that He takes care of you every day.

God is bigger than your problems, your difficulties and your fears. Always trust in Him!

God awaits you with open arms and lots of love. Open your heart to be His friend!

My friend, when you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to take care of you, know that God put me in your life to be that person!

Friends are family given by God, not our blood!

There is no greater gratitude than knowing that God gives us people to be our companions at all times, just like you!

Smile! God has just given you a new day and extraordinary things can happen if you believe!

God’s love never fails and will never fail. Trust Him!

My friend, know that faith is knowing that everything has its time! Everything will happen at the right time. You just need to know how to wait!

God blesses us when we pray for other people. Therefore, I always ask that He takes care of you and keeps you healthy and happy!

Today may seem impossible, but tomorrow, God may surprise you.

My friend, things may seem difficult right now, but know that God is watching over you and will open doors that seemed impossible!

May God give us patience to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change what we can, and wisdom to know one thing from another.

We are friends, brothers in faith, companions in prayer and God will always keep us united!

God always accepts a child who returns to His home repentant and with a broken heart!

A friend is much more than someone to talk to, someone to hug. A friend is a blessing that comes from the heart of God for us to care for.

It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could have.

Dedicate yourselves to each other with brotherly love. Prefer to give honor to others more than to yourselves.

Friend, God is shelter at any time! If you cry, He will wipe away every tear and rekindle your strength and hope.

God gives us friends who become our brothers. For your lives, I am very grateful!

Leave your problems into God’s hands, my dear friend, and wait because He will bring the perfect solution for you!

In the most difficult moment of my life, God gave me his friendship to bring me peace and joy!

My friend, God is in control and your victory is already guaranteed. Have faith!

Friend, I will never give up on you and for your life I will intercede.

It is only Jesus who has the answer to everything we are looking for, my friend. Don’t look to others for what only He can give you!

True friendship is the greatest proof of God’s love and care!

My prayer is: God, thank you for the lives of my friends and for being so faithful. I ask that the Lord grant the desire of each one’s heart, whatever is best!

Even if we don’t understand, God is always acting, my friend!

When I asked God to take care of me, he sent me you to bless me with your friendship!

God set the right time for everything, including for us to meet and be friends!

When God wants to show us that He loves us, He gives us dear people to share life with, like you, my great friend!

A friend loves at all times; He is a brother in adversity.

Having such dear people who are gifts from God fills our hearts with gratitude. Take the opportunity to show how happy you are to have them in your life with our thank you quotes for friends!

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