40 quotes from Corinthians to share the love you feel for the team | messages, wishes and quotes

Corinthians is the club with the biggest and most loyal fans in Brazil. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the stands screaming when the team is on the field. The black and white team’s history of joy and glory is the envy of rival teams. If Corinthians blood runs through your veins, you will love our Corinthians quotes. Check it out!

Corinthians quotes for those who are black in body, soul and heart

My blood is black and white and my essence is to be Corinthians!

It hurts, right? Cheer on the helm and see him win!

For you I cry, I cheer, I scream, I sing, I vibrate, I live!

I talk a lot about Corinthians, yes. I don’t get out of my head what doesn’t come out of my heart!

My heart is strong because being a Corinthian fan means having one heart test after another.

Corinthians is not a team that has a fan base, Corinthians is a fan base that has a team!

Nobody made my mind up, it was me who chose to be Corinthians!

Everything that belongs to the people’s team suffers!

I’m Corinthians at heart, I’m from the team that will be the champion!

I’m a Corinthians fan, I’m a warrior, Saint George is my protector who paves the way for victories!

Great Corinthians, always towering, you are from Brazil. What? What? The most Brazilian club!

I’ve been waiting all week to see you Corinthians, to see you play!

Today is a party day in the favela, it’s Coringão day. Let’s go up, Timão!

The meaning of eternal love is what I feel for Corinthians!

Being Corinthians is impossible to explain, only those who are know!

It’s a fish that fell into the net, Le, Lea! Timão will score.

The Joker is back!

Much more than a fan base, a nation, a family!

Corinthians my life! Corinthians my story! Corinthians, my love!

Either you are born a Corinthian or you will never know what it means to be faithful!

A maloque and suffering Corinthian. Thank God.

Corinthians is a passion that passes from father to son, which lives in the family, which is taught from a young age. Corinthians is life!

Being a Corinthian fan is my religion!

Here’s a bunch of crazy people, crazy about you Corinthians! For those who think it’s not enough, I live for you Corinthians!

Corinthians: for you I scream, cry, cheer, and I never give up on you!

Until the end of my life, I will be a Corinthian!

Doctor, I’m not mistaken, my heart is a Corinthian!

The most envied team in the world, there’s no mistake, it’s Corinthians!

The key is not winning, the key is never stopping pushing yourself!

You can say whatever you want, but you will never get the taste of being, living and breathing Corinthians!

I hit my chest and scream loudly, I will be a Corinthian until I die!

Corinthians is not just a team, it’s a family, it’s my life!

Being a Corinthians fan means not liking greenery, not even a plate of food!

Hail to Corinthians, the champion of champions. Forever within our hearts.

In victory or defeat, in fight or in glory, I will be a Corinthian until I die!

Your past is a flag, your present is a lesson. Figures among the first in our Breton sport.

I’m the craziest one in the bunch. I push my Corinthians until my strength runs out.

The happiest day of my life was when I stepped into Arena Corinthians for the first time. It was there that I felt at home!

In the sentence: “Happy is he who supports his club for love and not for the number of titles won”, the subject is a Corinthians fan.

Whoever is not moved by the faithful fans is because they are dead inside or are anti.

Just hearing about Corinthians makes your heart race. And as you are passionate about Timão, you will also like our football quotes. Check it out and show how good you are with the ball at your feet!

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