40 quotes about mental health to encourage you to prioritize it | messages, wishes and quotes

A lot is said about diets and exercises, and habits for a healthy life, but it’s rare to hear someone talk about mental health in this process. Now, if we want a healthy life, shouldn’t we also think about exercising our mind? We have selected great quotes about mental health that will open your eyes to its importance in our lives. Check it out!

quotes about mental health that will demonstrate its importance in our lives

You cannot heal in the same environment in which you fell ill. Retire!

The most beautiful act of self-love you can do for yourself is to take care of your mental health.

In mental health, healthy is someone who always tries new things; new every moment, even if the world remains old.

Taking care of your mental health is something only you can do.

Before getting involved in a relationship with anyone, have a serious relationship with yourself and your mental health.

I chose to stay away from a lot of people, not out of selfishness, but out of self-love and my mental health.

For the sake of your mental health, act crazy from time to time.

Although neglected, it is mental health that keeps the rest of the body healthy.

The secret to mental and bodily health is not to regret the past, not to worry about the future, not to get ahead of problems, but to live wisely and seriously in the present.

Your mental health is worth more than anyone else’s.

Take one day at a time and take care of your mental health as you would a newborn.

It is not a sign of health to be well adapted to a sick society.

Stop prioritizing things that ruin your mental health.

The main characteristic of mental health is self-acceptance.

Our entire generation needs to go to psychologists because the previous generation needed it too, but thought it was cool.

Don’t try to fit into boxes that don’t accommodate your greatness.

You don’t always have to bear everything alone… Ask for help when you can’t handle the load. Take care of your mental health!

Clear your mind of toxic beliefs. This can and will change the way you see the world.

Mental health is not about bad feelings. It’s about not letting yourself be dominated by them.

You will only improve your quality of life when you start taking care of your mental health.

First rule of mental health: learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation, who deserves only an answer and who deserves absolutely nothing.

It’s okay not to be okay all the time.

There is no money in the world that can buy mental health… Take care of yourself before you get sick!

The only difference between madness and sanity is that the former is more common.

Taking care of your mental health should be a priority, not a luxury.

In the midst of so many battles, I learned that my mental health and peace must necessarily be my priority.

Your mental health is more important than your degree, your job and your bank account. Take care!

Either we take care of our mind, or our mind destroys us.

The chaos of everyday life pushed mental health aside and put madness in its place.

By giving way to my freedom, I chased away the thoughts that sickened my mind.

Prioritize your mental health and don’t let anyone take it from you, including yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I chose to take care of myself and my mental health… We’ll leave the rest for later!

No one can have physical and mental health without cleaning their heart, letting go of the past and forgiving the ignorance of others.

Toxic people make our minds sick.

Mental health is not about being happy all the time. Mental health is recognizing your weaknesses, fears and sadness, and knowing how to live them in the same way you experience joy.

No one is normal up close.

Prioritizing your mental health is not selfishness, it is self-love!

Life is full of ups and downs, ups and downs, and only strong mental health is needed to handle so much without freaking out from time to time.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Don’t leave your mental health for later.

About mental health: learn to filter what is yours and what belongs to others.

Given the importance of mental health, we should always seek to improve it in some way, whether with psychologists or meditating at home… And speaking of meditation, how about checking out these meditation quotes for inspiration?

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